Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday's Giveaway! A Pair of Converse Kids Wade 2.0 Signature Shoes!

You may remember that a while back, Viv wrote a glowing review about the quality of these great kids' shoes. Her only caveat was that the Converse Kids Wade 2.0 Signature Shoe, at 49.99, might be a little steep for some budgets. Well, now you can win a pair of these fantastic, stylish shoes for FREE for your toddler!

This cute as a button and durable-as-it-comes black leather shoe has white stitching with red accenting that gives it a really sharp look, along with a padded tongue, built-in stabilizers and a rose-printed insole with cushioning. There's an internal bootie for "flexible movement and ankle support," and Wade's signature "Rose and Thorn" motif, which is designed to reflect "the fierceness of [Wade's] play on the court meeting the beauty of his game." It's a great-looking shoe.

Please note, we have only one pair of these shoes to give away (this is a fantastic prize, thanks to Converse!), in a size 10 Toddler. If your child wears that size, WILL wear that size soon, or you know a Mom whose little one MIGHT wear this size, than this contest is for you!

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1. Write a post on your blog linking back to THIS contest.*

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UPDATE: Marcia won the Converse Kids shoes! Hope your grandchild loves them, Marcia. Congrats!

Hey! Isn't that still Wednesday's prize?! What Happened with the contest?! (Don't worry, I'll explain!)

Tuesday evening, I felt a sharp pain in my chest. It came on suddenly, just after I had finished eating my char-grilled chicken. I had eaten late, because of the Rhino's soccer practice, so I thought it might be heartburn, and I kept trying to get comfortable as I was sitting on the sofa. No matter how I sat or even lay down, I couldn't get comfortable. When I got up to go to the kitchen, the pain immediately got worse; so bad that I found myself reflexively taking aspirin, even though I have a healthy heart, because "they" say that's what you do for chest pain. I took antacids, too, still thinking maybe heartburn, and tried to go to bed. I ended up sitting up all night long, because it hurt too much to move around or even lie down all the way.

The Engineer took the Owl to school Wednesday morning, and I remember telling him that I was feeling bad and was going to the doctor today. He figured, like I did, that this was something that would go away over time, and so he went ahead to work as usual. A little later I got up to take the Rhino to school.

The chest pain, literally, took my breath away as I tried to just pull on some clothes and get going. I moved in slow motion, taking shallow breaths, because it just hurt too much to breathe in deeply. I couldn't figure out why my chest hurt so badly; I had been walking for exercise, hadn't lifted anything heavy, etc. I took off my bra, thinking, "to hell with this", it just hurt too much. It was bad enough, sharp and harsh, that I thought, "I will just take the Rhino to school and go straight to the doctor's office from there. I just need to make it to his school."

I didn't make it. Halfway down the road from our house, the tears started rolling down my face as I struggled to take a breath. Now it was getting harder and harder to breathe; the pain stabbed me with every breath. Even breathing shallowly hurt so badly that I couldn't concentrate on driving. I didn't want to scare the Rhino but I couldn't keep from getting panicky--I couldn't breathe! I pulled over and told him, panting to get the words out, that I was calling his Dad to get him. The Rhino, bless his heart, told me to call the hospital first, get an ambulance, take care of myself. He could see I was in a lot of pain, and I don't usually let the boys see me hurting if I can help it. I managed to dial their Dad (thank goodness for "contacts" programmed into my cell!), told him breathlessly where I was and to come NOW, hung up the phone and dialed 911, holding my chest and wincing with every breath and fighting to get air into my lungs.

The ambulance came and they gave my oxygen right away, 4 baby aspirin and double sprays of nitroglycerin under my tongue. They hooked me up to a heart monitor, tried to calm me down--all the while, the Engineer was calling my phone, trying to find out what was happening, and I was worried sick about the Rhino, who I knew was scared for me.

I won't bore you with all the details, but I spent all of Wednesday and Thursday in the hospital, hooked up to heart monitors and, for the first day, oxygen. They gave me morphine for the pain and more nitroglycerin, but it wasn't until they gave me something the RN called, "like ibuprofen on steroids, really strong," that I started to feel better. That's when I knew for sure that it wasn't my heart, and I calmed down some more. Of course, the doctors had to test EVERYTHING until they were sure: I had ultrasounds, Cat Scans, EKGs and vials and vials of blood taken from me (and they had to stick a new hole in me every time, woohoo). I was really feeling better by Wednesday afternoon; they wanted to keep me for observation and the Engineer wanted a definite diagnosis. He likes things very clear, and he didn't want it to happen again. He went home with our boys after visiting me, everybody reassured I was doing better.

And then, a couple hours later, as I was just lying in my bed in the hospital, doing nothing, it happened again! Stabbing pain that robbed me of breath wracked through my chest as I fought for air. I frantically pushed the call button for the nurse and gasped out, "I ...can't....breathe!" Again I was put on oxygen, given aspirin and morphine. I asked for an anti-inflammatory and the nurse gave it to me, grudgingly, telling me that she didn't see how that would be better than morphine. But that IS what finally made me feel better.

To make this already long story a bit shorter: I was finally released last night around 9 pm, with a diagnosis of pleurisy and pleural efflusion, which is a fancy doctor's name for fluid in my lungs and inflammation as a result. I was told that part of my lung had collapsed(!); the doctor assured me that it was only a small part and would heal itself over time. Who knew lungs could do that?

So! I am advised against any strenuous exercise (as the Engineer said, I don't do that anyway!) and I am taking ibuprofen, breathing slowly and carefully now, with the occasional twinge replacing the sharp, scary, breath-taking chest pain.

And that, my dear readers, is why yesterday no new prize was posted, and why today's prize is posting late. I know you will all understand, and forgive, the tardiness. You have to admit I had a valid excuse! : )

I'm posting a new prize today, in just a couple minutes.

And I'll announce the winner of the pedometer later today, as well.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday's Giveaway: SPORTBRAIN iStep X1 Pedometer!

Today's Giveaway, from SportBrain, is ideal for the Mom on the go! We all know how our kids keep us busy every day. Now the iStep X1 Pedometer will show you how your everyday activity contributes to your overall fitness, rewarding you every step of the way!

Whether you walk around the office, visit every aisle in the supermarket or take a stroll on the beach, your SportBrain will record your activity automatically.
Every day, you can review your own personal information and even create your own activity journal.

Wear And Walk

Simply attach your SportBrain iStep X to either your belt or waistband, aligning it just outside your knee. Whether you walk around the office, jog in the park, or go grocery shopping, your SportBrain will record all the steps you take.

Upload your data to the SportBrain Web Site

All your data will be sent to your personal SportBrain Web page through the iSync Software automatically after you plug your iStep into a computer that is connected to the Internet. (USB cable included!)

Check Out Your Results!
Once logged in you can find out how many steps you took that day and if you reached your daily goal, log your activities in a daily journal, track weight and much more.

In addition, SportBrain helps keep you motivated through the SportBrain Rewards program, where each step you take helps you "earn while you burn!".


* Step Counter
* Calories Counter
* Distance Counter
* Clock
* Easy to Read Display
* PC Connectivity
* USB Interface

The Sportbrain iStep X1 Pedometer comes with everything you need, including a lanyard and extra battery (the first one is already installed). You need a PC running some version of Windows and an internet connection to upload your data.

How to Enter Today's Giveaway:

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1. Write a post on your blog linking back to THIS contest.*

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UPDATE: The winner of the Smartbrain Pedometer is "Mommajay"! Congratulations, Jenna, and remember to enter every day for another chance to win!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Today's Giveaway! Gloves In A Bottle

You may remember the post where Viv reviewed Skin MD: Natural Shielding Lotion. Cool Moms Rule! gave the product a rave review for the way it bonded with the skin's natural defenses to keep skin moisturized. Since then, we've seen other shielding lotions popping up in our local stores. But there's nothing else like Skin MD on the shelves. . .
Except maybe Gloves in A Bottle, today's giveaway.

Why? Because Gloves in A Bottle is recommended by top dermatologists.
Highly concentrated and designed especially for dry hands, this full-size, 8 oz. Gloves In A Bottle will keep your skin smooth through those tough winter months.

Note: Gloves in a Bottle is not from 21st Century Formulations, the maker of Skin MD.

How to Enter Today's Giveaway:

It's easy! Just 2 steps!

1. Write a post on your blog linking back to THIS contest.*

Remember, Cool Moms Rule is giving a new prize away every day for a week in honor of our new feature, Book Reviews! You can come back every day and enter all of our giveaways!

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UPDATE: Kimberly L. is our winner! Way to go, Kimberly! Please send your shipping address to, because you forgot to leave your email with your comment! = )
Keep on trying, everybody! You can enter every day to win another prize!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday's Giveaway! Collector's Edition Pink Ribbon Barbie!

Do you know a little girl (or a grown-up Mom!) who would love a Barbie doll? Of course! And you can feel good about giving her (or even rewarding yourself with) today's fantastic giveaway.

The Collector's Edition Pink Ribbon Barbie helps raise awareness for breast cancer research through this lovely doll, elegantly attired in her pink evening gown with the signature pink ribbon pinned to her shoulder. How? For every doll sold, $2.50 is donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, with a guaranteed minimum donation of $25,000.00!

So you can feel good about yourself for helping to raise breast cancer awareness, AND win a prize at the same time!

How to Enter Today's (/24/07) Giveaway:

It's easy! Just 2 steps!

1. Write a post on your blog linking back to THIS contest.*

Remember, Cool Moms Rule is giving a new prize away every day for a week in honor of our new feature, Book Reviews! You can come back every day and enter all of our giveaways!

2. Leave a comment on THIS post with your link and your email included.

*Don't have a blog? No problem! Just leave your comment with your email to be entered in today's giveaway. And please, tell your friends about Cool Moms Rule! and our week of giveaways!

UPDATE: CONGRATULATIONS to Christine of "From Dates to Diapers" who won the Collector's Edition Pink Ribbon Barbie! Way to go! Remember, you have another chance to win a great prize each and every day for a week here at Cool Moms Rule!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Full Week of Giveaways Begins Tomorrow!

Don't forget, Cool Moms Rule is giving away a new prize EVERY day for a week, and the giveaways start tomorrow! You can enter for a new prize every day! It's easy. Link to the contest and post a comment.

That's all it takes!

Every prize is a winner, and every reader has a chance to win. So tune in to Cool Moms Rule tomorrow to start winning.

And immediately following the giveaways, we will post our first Book Review!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Head's Up for Moms: Product Recall

Mom Enterprises, Inc. or Bliss by Mom, is recalling its "Apple Flavored Baby Bliss Gripewater" drink, intended to relieve symptoms of colic in babies. The FDA reports finding some of the drinks have been contaminated with a parasite known as cryptosporidium, which can cause diarrhea and intestinal infections.

The recalled product bears this code: 26952V 10/08. Parents could buy the Apple Flavored Baby Bliss Gripewater in stores or online. Mom Enterprises has sold 17,600 bottles to date.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Open Letter to the View

Dear Panelists of the View;

As a mother who promotes tolerance and respect for the beliefs of all people to her children, I am nonetheless stunned by Sherri Shepherd's remarks on your show about evolution and whether the world is round. If Sherri chooses not to believe in evolution, that is certainly her right (though I would be interested in knowing how she rationalizes scientific evidence to the contrary, like fossil records and carbon dating, and hope that issue comes up on another episode of the View).

But when Sherri went on to say that she did not even know whether the earth is round, and then tried to excuse her ignorance by suggesting that she was too busy being a mother to take the time to educate herself, that was just going too far. Sherri made a point of acting as if it was not important for her, as an educated adult, let alone a parent, to be aware of even this most basic fact. When pressed, she said that if her child ever asked her, she and her son would have to go to the library to look up whether the earth was round or flat.

This is plainly ridiculous. Any person who has reached adulthood without learning the world is not flat should certainly not be serving as a spokesperson for other women on national television. And any woman who suggests that she did not learn something she should have learned as a child because she was too busy being a Mom just makes all women who choose to stay home full-time and take care of their children look like morons. Furthermore, defending her own ignorance about the world's geography just makes Americans, once again, look like uneducated, over-privileged egocentrics to the rest of the world.

Sherri needs to take some night courses and brush up on her facts before she sits in a panel on national television and attempts to take part in any informed discussion. Simply because a person is not controversial, as Rosie was, does not mean, or at least it certainly should not mean, that she is representative of the smart, savvy women who are also devoted mothers that really live in this country.


Viv Bruss, Editor
Cool Moms Rule!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Woot! We're excited. Here's why: New Book Reviews and an Entire Week's Worth of FREE Stuff for YOU!

Cool Moms Rule! is announcing a new "Book Reviews" addition beginning Monday, October 1st! We'll be reviewing books for Moms, teens and kids.

We've always been known for our fantastic product reviews. Now, Cool Moms Rule! is branching out to include Book Reviews on our site.

Kicking off the new Book Reviews segment in style, the week prior to the first Book Review will consist of seven days of free giveaways! That's right, every day for a week we'll be giving away FREE STUFF!

From Monday, September 24 until Sunday, September 30th, Cool Moms Rule! will be giving away a host of products of interest to Moms and their families, including the first book to be reviewed, the popular New York Times Bestseller "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyers. "Twilight" is the first book in a new teen/young adult series and future books in the series will also be featured for reviews (and giveaways!) in upcoming segments.

Tell a friend about this exciting new addition to Cool Moms Rule! (You can just forward this post!) and make sure to tune in next week! You can enter every day for a chance to win each of our fabulous prizes. You can also recommend books and authors you'd like for us to review in your comment, and Viv will be sure to take your recommendations to heart.

We can't wait for next week!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Wow! Even more contests for Moms!

My Five Little Monkeys has a contest going on, and I'm almost afraid to tell you all about it, because I want to win it! She's giving away a cool Personal and Family Organizer from BusyBodyBook. And, boy, do I need to organize!

And Two Moms In a Blog have an incredible giveaway--this is over $150 worth of stuff!
You could win:
A fabulous make your own stuffed animal kit from valued at $20.00,
A 3 month gift subscription to Menu Planning Central $60 value,
A leatherette photo book that you make from your digital birthday photos compliments of valued at $50.00,
And 10 handmade thank you notes provided by valued at $20.00!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11th Field Trip Appropriate for this Day

The Rhino was SO excited this morning because he is going on a field trip to the Kennedy Space Center today, as part of a program known as BLAST. We don't have to pay for a thing; special buses are sent right to the school to pick the kids up and take them to Kennedy Space Center, where they will participate in a mock shuttle launch.

I find this day an especially good one for my son to visit a national landmark and maybe feel a little more patriotic inside as a result. It's been six years since the World Trade Center bombings, but the memory is still vivid for all of us. So it's difficult for adults, and especially parents, to feel cheerful on a day like today, that reminds us of how much we have lost. But I think it's right that when we look back, we also look forward, and take the time to appreciate our great good fortune to be living in a free country, speaking our minds and sharing our opinions, and celebrating the innovation and sacrifice of the brave Americans who came before us.

Yay! Free Stuff and Sweepstakes!


You can win a grand prize package including tickets to the red carpet at the 2008 Primetime Emmy Awards, roundtrip airfare to LA, three nights accommodations, dinner for two at an LA hotspot, limo service on Emmy day, style and beauty consultations and a Lights, Camera, Be Luminous gift basket filled with Olay Definity products!

Clean, Soft and Fresh Sweepstakes!

Enter to win a Clean (Sedona, Arizona), Soft (Park City, Utah) or Fresh (Hawaii) Getaway from Pure Essentials! Getaway is the Grand Prize. First prize is a 600 thread count sheet set, duvet cover, shams, bedskirt and a full year's supply of Pure Essentials from Tide, Downy and Bounce.

Febreze Freshness Fix Instant Win Game and Sweepstakes!

You could win up to $25, 000, plus instant win prizes! If you win an instant prize, please leave a comment to let us know!

Create a Mom-themed personal or business card from Real Live Moms! Brought to you from Microsoft

Giveaway: Celebrity Baby Blog is giving away 10 (!) copies of the book, "From the Hips", a great new pregnancy and motherhood resource.

If you win a prize, please let us know over here at Cool Moms Rule!

Monday, September 10, 2007


In the U.S., there are currently 14.3 million mothers with children under the age of six. More than 100,000 of those Moms find the inspiration they need through a group called MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers). The International MOPS Convention will be held in my home state, Florida, for the first time this year. From Thursday, September 20th through Saturday the 22nd, about 4000 volunteers will get together for training, networking and inspiration at the Gaylord Palms Convention Center in Orlando.

Though I was basically clueless when my boys were this age (aren't we all a little clueless the first time around?), I know many Moms who owe their sanity in part to wonderful groups like this one, which offer support, resources, and other Moms to network with and assure you that, no, you are not crazy and no, you are not alone. =)

The Convention, with the catchy slogan, "Better Moms Make a Better World," will feature speakers like Laurie Smith, from TV's "Trading Spaces," The CEO of Mops International, Elisa Morgan, and the new president, Naomi Cramer Overton, as well as musical guest Sara Groves.

Saturday, September 8, 2007


Want a healthy snack? Okay, let me put that another way: want to trade in your junk food for a good-for-you, wholesome, healthy COOOKIE? Now we're talking!

Head over to Kashi's website now. All you have to do is enter your address in, and they'll send you one of three healthy Kashi snacks, FREE! And one of the choices is a delicious oatmeal chocolate chunk cookie.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Smucker's Back-to-(After)-School Tips Sweepstakes!

Smucker's Uncrustables have a new sweepstakes running from now until October 30th in honor of all those parents (and kids) ushering in another new school year!

If you live in a cave and don't know what Uncrustables are, Smucker's has frozen sandwiches without crusts that you can thaw and serve. They're great for school lunches, since you can just pop one or two in a lunch bag and by the time lunch runs around, the sandwich will be thawed out enough to eat. In addition to simple peanut butter and jelly variations, Smucker's Uncrustables now have classic grilled cheese sandwiches you can heat up in the microwave, too.

It's easy to enter: all you have to do is enter your own Back-to-After-School tip on the Uncrustables website and you can win. And there will be a new winner EVERY DAY during the giveaway period! Prize kits include Uncrustables fridge magnets, sandwich holders and cooler bags.

You can also download a Smucker's Uncrustables calendar from the website to help keep you organized (great for tracking soccer practices, school events, etc.)

In case you need some inspiration for the kind of After-School tips Smucker's Uncrustables are looking for, here are a few examples from the website:

Organize for the Day Ahead Avoid morning scrambles by getting everything ready the night before. Along with their lunch, snack and school supplies, gather all your child will need for their afternoon activities, as well.

Designate a Spot for Supplies – Keep all of your child’s school and after-school items – homework, lunch box, uniforms – in a designated spot close to the door. This will prevent you from losing things or running around the house gathering everything right before you run out the door. (It will also cut down on clutter around the house!)

Keep a Detailed Calendar – Write down every practice, game and meeting, including start and finish times and the location, on a calendar. Post at home for everyone to see and also keep a copy with you. Include important phone numbers such as the coach, babysitter, other carpool parents and the doctor. To get started, you’ll find a free calendar you can download at

Try Not to Over-Schedule – Make sure your child isn’t involved in so many extracurricular activities that they don’t have time for homework or just relaxing. Talk with your child and see how they feel and what they are enjoying most.

Make Room for Activities You Enjoy – Enjoy the time spent waiting in the car or on the sidelines with other parents. Learn a new language through an audio CD or listen to a book on tape, or even start a book club with fellow moms to help build friendships and interesting conversation.

Label Everything –Write your child’s name in permanent marker on shoes, bags, uniforms and other gear. This will help to save you time sifting through soccer balls and water bottles to make sure you bring home the right one.
Cool Moms Rule! is in full compliance of the new FTC rules concerning Bloggers. I disclose on all posts where a product was received for free and/or if there was any kind of financial compensation involved.