Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cinnamon Burst Cheerios!

I had a chance to try Cinnamon Burst Cheerios! See what Moms like you had to say about them:

Cinnamon Burst Cheerios contains 20% of the Daily Value recommended for fiber (5g per serving), has 9 grams of sugar, is low in fat and free of saturated fat, and cholesterol free as well. Plus, with Cinnamon Burst Cheerios, you have 8g of whole grain. Typically, you'll want at least 48g of whole grain a day, so you're starting off right!

I really enjoyed the Cinnamon Burst Cheerios I tried. They weren't too sweet, had just a touch of Cinnamon, and a good breakfast always helps me get started on my workout. I try to workout every other day and walk a little on the days in between if I can. What do you do to start your day off right? Tell me and you could WIN!

We're giving away a Cinnamon Burst Cheerios cereal gift pack that includes a box of Cinnamon Burst Cheerios cereal for you to try, family 4-pack of cereal bowls, travel cereal chiller (LOVE this! Keeps your milk cold) and a cinnamon scented candle!

To Enter:

(Required for initial entry) Just tell me what you do to start your day off with a smile in a comment below!

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Contest Ends Midnight, EST Wednesday, March 2nd.

Good Luck!

I received a free box of Cinnamon Burst Cheerios in one of the gift packs as part of a MyBlogSpark campaign.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tron Evolution: Battle Grids for the Wii

I'm old enough to remember both the original Tron movie and the videogame--which, back then, we played in this archaic place known as an arcade (look it up on Google, kids)--so this game, Tron Evolution: Battle Grids, based on the newest Disney movie, Tron Legacy, was, in some ways, like an old friend.

As in the original arcade game, Tron fans will be glad to hear you can ride Light Cycles, Throw Light Discs and battle Grid Tanks in Tron Evolution: Battle Grids.

Rather than the merciless spiders (Grid Bugs) I remember, there are Light Runners (cars) to race instead. I think this is a good move on the Disney and Propaganda Games' part: no nightmares for those arachnophobes out there, and also the game skews to a younger audience (sadly, Propaganda Games was closed down by Disney last month).

I played the game with the Master Strategist (the Owl) and the Suicide Shooter (the Rhino), and here are our thoughts on Tron Evolution: Battle Grids.

First off, we flet the Wii was the wrong vehicle for this game. As the Master Strategist put it, "The Wii feels like it is ten years behind the technology." For example, in the Light Runner section, you use the Wii controller, held sideways. For some strange reason, button #2 is accelerate, while button #1 is brake (which you never use). To shoot weapons, you rely on A. To me, the controls are counter-intuitive. A = accelerate in most games. But even without that impediment, directional thumbpads are far superior to the Wii controller for use as steering wheels. They do make steering wheels controllers for the Wii, but there is nothing in the game literature to indicate whether they are compatible with Tron Evolution: Battle Grids.

But putting those concerns aside, the Grid Tank section of the game offers some real enjoyment and even a bit of a challenge. The game offers you the chance to pick AI of various levels to play against in each of the game play modes, and you can choose between one and three virtual opponents. Aiming involves both moving the controller and zeroing in with an marker on the screen, like a big cross, to target your opponent. This is a bit tricky (at least for me) to master, which added to the replayability of the levels. Tough against any but the easiest AI, Grid Tank players must turn on their shields to protect against enemy tanks, lure their AI opponents onto mines or repeatedly pummel them with missiles or mortar attacks to emerge victorious. Definitely our favorite section of Tron Evolution: Battle Grids.

The Light Cycles were a bit of a disappointment, as we would have preferred an overhead camera view. You can certainly go fast enough, and the levels are large, but the size of the playing field makes it hard to gauge where you are in relation to the other cyclist(s), crucial if you are going to trap and crash them against your light trail. There is a small square, like a really simplified radar, with the relative positions of the riders, but you simply do not have time to correlate your actual vehicle with this while you are racing your Light Cycle at top speed.

The Light Discs in Tron Evolution: Battle Grids had an auto-tracking feature of some kind, which meant that wherever you were in the level, if you threw that disc you were going to hit your opponent. Thus, the game becomes more about maneuvering through the changing environment (the arena shifts, moving points on the grid up and down to create cliffs and valleys) than accuracy in aim or skill at shooting. My teen fellow testers did not approve of this. They wanted their accuracy to count for something. The auto-aim is probably best for younger players who have not yet mastered their gaming skills--but this begs the question, why is the aiming system on the Grid Tanks so much more advanced than that of the Light Discs? Not sure what the game makers were going for here.

Viv's Take: Overall, we were not impressed with Tron Evolution: Battle Grids for the Wii. We felt the Grid Tanks offered the best replay value, were not impressed by the Light Discs, would have preferred better controls for the Light Racers, and a better camera angle for the Light Cycle. We also felt that the Wii did not offer the best vehicle for the game.

TRON: Evolution – Battle Grids, rated E10+ for Everyone 10 and Older, for Wii has a $49.99 suggested retail price.
I received a copy of Tron Evolution: Battle Grids for the Wii for the purposes of this review.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sweet Treats for Your Sweetheart!

It's February! And you know what that means? Valentine's Day is just around the corner.

Have you shopped for your sweetie yet? Need a gift idea?  You can't go wrong with Donsuemor cookies!

The company, which gets its name from creators DON and SUE MORris, began with the introduction of their French madeleines in 1976. These soft, spongy cookies come beautifully packaged and they are delicious--just look at these heart-shaped, chocolate dipped treats above!

The above picture is their black and white assortment, with white-dipped chocolate cookies and more chocolate cookies dipped in extra chocolate. Donsuemor really caters to us chocoholics. ; )

I had an opportunity to try some Donsuemor madeleines for this review, and the selection I sampled was this Assorted variety, pictured above. They were delicious! We passed the cookies around our house when we had some guests visiting over the weekend, and they earned unanimous thumbs-up from all our tasters!

Donsuemor also has French almond cakes, lemon-zest madeleines, chocolate madeleines and iced "cute" cakes (like little cupcakes) for year-round gifts. Or choose a variety pack if you can't make up your mind! Their online shop offers free shipping for purchases over $100.  

Viv's Take: We really enjoyed sampling the Donsuemor madeleines. Elegantly packaged, the cookies were soft and tasty, sweet but not overly so, and made for a nice indulgence. 

I received a sample box of the Valentine's Day Assorted variety from Donsuemor for the purposes of this review.

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