Monday, February 26, 2007

Top 5 Gadgets for Moms on Monday

So it's Monday on Cool Moms Rule, and we're looking at the latest gadgets, with a twist: the items featured here are designed to make Mom's lives easier (and none too soon, if you ask me). We're hoping to make this a regular feature, since no one deserves a little stress-reduction more than a Mom.

First, let's take a look at something for you Moms of young children, specifically the pre-school years. You may not be able to afford a new Wii console for your kids, but you can try out The Weemote 3 Remote Control 21.99, a simple device that comes from such an obvious idea, it's a wonder no one thought of it before now. Kids love toys with buttons, and they are likely to latch onto your remote control as a result, sometimes with disastrous consequences. I remember once when the Owl switched our television language to Spanish and we had a terrible time figuring out how to switch it back! The Weemote lets your child play away with a real working remote that only accesses stations you have pre-approved for your child to watch! What a great idea.

For older children, check out these
Crocheted Cuties Ipod Covers 22.00. Though this item was featured in Teen Magazine, I would expect that 'tween girls would be in raptures over these soft, cuddly ipod covers. And that means they are less likely to misplace that ipod, Moms!

As I've mentioned before, the Rhino is an insatiable reader. The Owl? Could not care less. As an avid reader myself, this saddens me. As a parent, I deal with it with the help of this next gadget. Our children are required to spend a half-hour every night reading. They can choose anything; novels, magazines, comic books, whatever. Mark My Time Bookmarks 8.95 keep track of those thirty minutes. The Owl approves because he doesn't feel he has wasted a single extra minute reading. The Rhino likes to see just how much more reading he has done than his older brother (everything is a competition with brothers). And Mom just likes that they are reading! These bookmarks also work great for busy Moms on a schedule; if you know you have just twenty minutes until the next doctor's appointment, you can set the timer and let it count down for you without worrying you will be late with the latest Harry Potter (Book 7 comes out in July, by the way!.

A bit more whimsical, and surely designed with families of teens in mind, is the Skull Toaster 32.95, a good way to get your teen to eat at least a little breakfast before dashing out the door in the morning.

Finally, a gadget for Moms to watch out for simply because there is no way you want to let this thing into your house. Honestly, this one's just plain disgusting! The Pimped Out Toilet recently reported on WESH News allows you to:

take care of business while notching a new high score on your PlayStation. However, video games are just the beginning. This toilet sports a DVD player and a even a beer tap. Everything is at arms length, including a Velcro strap for all of the remote controls.


You can check out all these gadgets on one page here: My Google Shared Stuff today

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