Wednesday, June 13, 2007

HOT TOPIC: Kaleb Schwade

It looks as if MySpace has finally gotten something right when it comes to the welfare of our kids. When I read about this story, especially as someone who was born in this very same hospital, I felt I had to share it with all of you.

The Sheriff's Office never named the 5-month-old boy they say suffered a brain injury when shaken by a day care worker in May.

But thousands of MySpace readers know all about young Kaleb Schwade.

His 21-year-old mother, Kristy Schwade, has elicited national sympathy and donations by posting daily updates to her blog. Thursday, MySpace ranked her blog as its most popular among 150-million such online journals.

"Kaleb opened his eyes!!!" she wrote that morning.

Her blog has become an Internet phenomenon. People write to her from Missoula, Mont., and Anderson, Calif., and Tok, Alaska. Readers, many of them young mothers, find her through links on craigslist and They send her prayers and poems. Sites have sprung up in support; among them, a "Help Kaleb" MySpace page.

So many people have asked to be Schwade's online "friend, " that she has 359 pages of friend requests she hasn't yet answered, she writes.

More than 4, 700 people have left comments on her page since Kaleb was admitted May 9 to Tampa General Hospital. Thousands more have sent her electronic nods of support, called "kudos."

Her blog, set in the intensive care unit, stands in grim contrast to other popular MySpace pages. No. 2-ranked "Be Plies 'Shawty' For A Day!!" contains explicit language and photos. Another blogger, "Lil Mama, " got to No. 4 by asking, "If you were a lip gloss, what flavor would you be and why?"

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Sheila said...

Good evening everyone!

Please remember that the National Prayer Vigil is tomorrow evening (June 14th) from 8-9pm! PLEASE help us show the Schwade family our support through prayer during this time. Please know that you can organize something as simple as inviting your neighbors over to your backyard with lawn chairs or it can be as big as inviting your whole town to your local church. Please feel free to make flyers to invite as many people as possible- there's POWER in numbers! "Where two or three are gathered, I am there, too." Matthew 18:20

In addition to showing your support for Kaleb and his family through bracelets, car magnets, and key chains... I am pleased to announce that we will be adding a STORE with even more ways to show your support and spread awareness! As soon as the store is up and running, we will notify everyone of the web address!

To all the bands who have contacted us thus far about doing benefit concerts, please contact Janelle (#4 on Help Kaleb's top friends) with dates, times, and locations.

As some of you have noticed, the ways in which you contact us have been changing. Due to the high volume of emails we are receiving, we at the Help Kaleb Page have taken on different tasks to better help you all support the Schwade family. Please read the message when trying to contact us via email. This will better help us answer all of your pertinent questions.

I am also excited to share that Kristy's story was mentioned on "Coast-to-Coast", a radio talk show, last night!

PLEASE keep praying, and please keep spreading the word! Keep calling your local news stations, writing letters, and emailing Oprah! We are all ordinary people, all doing extra-ordinary things!!! WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!

Thank you all!!!!!

Caregiver said...

I hate to read such stories like the one about Kaleb. However, it happens all too often. Parents should carefully check references, certifications, backgrounds, etc. prior to giving full responsibility
to a caregiver. Sometimes, I believe a stress test might even become a necessary part of the interview process. It is an expensive test but, worth every penny in order for parents to get the right person for the position. When I go to an interview, I go in with my DL, Certifications, written references, a recent background check (thankfully the Red Cross pays for mine) or any other pertinent info in my hand. If this not available, no interview should be given. If they want a position, they should come prepared. Hope Kaleb overcomes his adversity. I will add my prayers for a speedy and full recovery.

Anonymous said...

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