Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Go Skateboarding Day Ends Badly for Kids

Warning, this is just a sickening video for any parent to see. Kids celebrating in Arkansas on "Go Skateboarding" day are accosted by a violent police officer taking himself way too seriously. The officer has since been suspended pending an investigation. Hopefully, he will be fired for his actions on the video.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

My Favorite Things for Summer! Blog Carnival

Welcome to the June 25, 2007 (Summer) edition of the My Favorite Things carnival!

If you are overwhelmed by spam (and who isn't?!), then you will benefit from our first submission, as Phil B. presents How to Recognize Junk Mails without ever Opening Them posted at Phil for Humanity: "That's right! A simple and easy way to recognize junk mail."

Addicted to pop culture? You will want to check into this insightful look into today's teens:
Karen Halls Lindsay Lohan’s Effect on Her Generation-- Addiction Recovery Blog posted at Addiction Recovery Blog.

Need a little help with your tech skills? Maybe you could use something like a modern-day swiss army knife for your computer. Don't worry, you don't have to cut into it!
The Free Geek has you covered with How to: Make Your USB Drive into a Digital Swiss Army Knife posted at The Free Geek.

If you're worried about maintaining your health, concerned about pesticides and chemicals that go into your food, but still have those nagging chocolate cravings like I do (MMMMmmm!),
Andrea has found the perfect solution with Cocolo Organic Chocolate | Review posted at Buy Organic.

Andrea also gives us the run-down on her favorite kitchen gadget: The Wonder Cooker posted at One Cooker.

What was that you were just saying? What about other kitchen gadgets?
Michelle Mitchell is so glad you asked! (By the way, this comes all the way from stunning Alaska. Viv plans to have some pics from her latest Alaskan cruise for you soon.) Read all about Michelle's favorite kitchen wonders: scribbit: What's Your Favorite Kitchen Gadget? | A Blog About Motherhood in Alaska posted at scribbit.

Crafty Moms (I know, I don't post near enough craft ideas! Have you realized yet that I am all thumbs?) can finally get their craft fixes! First, rejoice along with
Anastacia with this self-congratulatory and instructive post entitled The lime green, vintage yarn sweater is FINISHED! ... posted at Anastacia Knits.

Then, if you have a green thumb, head on out to the garden with
Stephanie for some outside craftiness with these Low Cost (and Free) Flower Beds posted at Stop the Ride!.

Here are some easy and fun additions for every crafter's supply basket!
Meredith Mathews presents Vintage Scratch n Sniff Stickers circa 1980 Fun! posted at Lemonade Stand.

Finally, you didn't think I would forget about all those other gamer Moms like me out there, did you? No way! I have to thank Ybother for bringing us this list of Top 10 Classic Game Remakes posted at A Top Ten List Everyday to Jumpstart Your Knowledge, since, "It is the summer holidays and many people have plenty of time on their hands. Some of us are stuck with laptops and can’t play the huge blockbuster games that require hefty graphic cards. Why not try these classic open source remakes? The underlying gameplay has already been proven and the graphics are updated to a presentable and playable level. Everyone of these games listed here were best sellers of their times and many of us hold great memories of these games."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of the
My Favorite Things carnival! using our carnival submission form.
Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

Upcoming Carnival Editions include: My Favorite Things for Back To School/Fall and My Favorite Things for Christmas!

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Please Help Us On Our Way to BlogHer '07!

With your help, Cool Moms, we hope to attain our goal of sending Viv, the editor of Cool Moms Rule, to BLOGHER '07 in JULY to blog all about the wonderful women just like you who are attending this watershed event.

Women bloggers from all over the country will be attending workshops and seminars to learn more ways to make our blogs relevant to YOUR lives at BlogHer '07, and Cool Moms Rule wants to be right there to fill you in all the great goings-on. With your help, Viv wants to share the experience with all of you by blogging the entire BlogHer '07 weekend.

If you can spare just $5 for a safe, secure donation through Paypal, you can help us achieve this goal. Please click the Paypal donation button on the sidebar now, and we'll make this dream a reality. Thanks so much for your help! : )

Welcome, Anita Ryan-Revel!

Today we have with us Anita Ryan-Revel, whose new book is out (and you can check that book out, by the way, over on the sidebar). Viv caught up with Anita to ask her some questions about her latest book, writing in general, and how she finds inspiration for her work.

Viv: Who (or what) has most influenced you, in the way you live your life from day to day?

AR> I know every mother says their child is a gift, but mine absolutely is!
;-) My 13-year-old son has really opened my eyes to the 1000s of things to
be grateful for -- the laughs we have every day, the new ways to look at
old things, the gift of unconditional love. He has enabled me to find new
and richer ways of connecting with people, tactful negotiation skills, and
how to be conscious of positive morals, habits and values I am passing on
to him (and those around me)... Because of my son, I live life day to day
with a feeling of expectation (what is he going to surprise me with next?!),
laughter, gratitude and lotsa warm, juicy, tigress-mother LOVE.

Viv: How about as an author--what writers have inspired you?

AR> I met with Mama Gena (School of the Womanly Arts) in New York and she is
as gorgeous and warm in "real life" as she is in her empowering books. I
also love Janice Taylor (Our Lady of Weight Loss), Lucy Cavendish (White
Magic), and Sharon Turnbull (Goddess Gift). The one thing in common with all
these authors is that they're REAL! They're soooo authentic, it is easy to
trust them and follow their advice.

Viv: Why did you decide to write "Selena's Crystal Balls, a Magical Journey Through the Chakras"?

AR> Between myself and the dozens of Goddess Playshop Facilitators who
conduct my empowerment workshops around the world, we were finding that
mothers were asking for tools that they could take home with them to share
with their children. They got so much out of the workshops they could see
the value in passing some of the lessons about self-worth and self-love on
to their children. The demand for a children's book was so high, I couldn't
ignore it any longer (not that I was ignoring the hundreds of requests -- I
just had to sort the story out in my head before I could begin writing!)

Viv: What do you find is the biggest challenge each time you sit down to write? What advice would you give to aspiring writers out there?

AR> The biggest challenge is finding blocks of uninterrupted time! I resolve
this be letting my husband and son know that when I'm at my desk, I'm in
"Anita Time" and "please don't disturb me unless you've broken a leg or set
the kitchen on fire" (or one of several variations depending on my mood)
; -) Seriously, when you're called to write (and it IS a calling!) the
biggest gift you can give yourself is the time and space to let the words
flow. If you are interrupted by real life, don't worry -- when this happens
to me I visualise pushing a "pause" button. I then respectfully ask Spirit
to "hold that thought while I put the fire out" (or deal with whatever
emergency has presented itself).

Viv: What message do you most hope readers will take away from your work?

AR> To be conscious about the seven essential aspects of life, and knowing
that this consciousness manifests great blissings. Being able to share this
gift with children helps them become empowered, self-approving and
insightful beings.

5. What is coming up next for you? What can we look forward to in your future?

AR> I'm currently putting the finishing touches to my next book, "The 7-Day Chakra Workout" -- again, just like "Selena's Crystal Balls", I've got a waiting list of enthusiastic life affirmers who are jumping up and down with anticipation! ;-) It's very exciting, and I feel very blessed to be living my dream.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm so excited!

Not only is Anita Ryan-Revel here tomorrow on her Virtual Book Tour (hooray!), but Cool Moms Rule is getting some great recognition!

Please head on over to Top Momma to vote for viv and keep me on the Top Momma page!
I'm a Top Mommma!

And--more on this in an upcoming post--but Moms Out There nominated us for a Thinking Blogger Award!

Check Cool Moms Rule soon to find out which five blogs we are nominating for the "Thinking Blogger Award" next!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Summer Reading Savings

Barnes & is running their Summer Clearance Sale June 18th through July 29th. Some of the books are going at 80% off.(!)

The Owl is reading "Ender's Game" by Orson Scott Card over the summer for his high school, so I will be taking advantage of this; just thought I would pass it on to all of you.

Also, don’t forget to take advantage of the Kids Summer Reading Program at your Barnes and Noble store, or online; kids get 1 book free when they read 8.

Here's the link for the Summer Clearance Sale and details on the Kids Summer Reading Program.

Summer Sale

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

HOT TOPIC: Kaleb Schwade

It looks as if MySpace has finally gotten something right when it comes to the welfare of our kids. When I read about this story, especially as someone who was born in this very same hospital, I felt I had to share it with all of you.

The Sheriff's Office never named the 5-month-old boy they say suffered a brain injury when shaken by a day care worker in May.

But thousands of MySpace readers know all about young Kaleb Schwade.

His 21-year-old mother, Kristy Schwade, has elicited national sympathy and donations by posting daily updates to her blog. Thursday, MySpace ranked her blog as its most popular among 150-million such online journals.

"Kaleb opened his eyes!!!" she wrote that morning.

Her blog has become an Internet phenomenon. People write to her from Missoula, Mont., and Anderson, Calif., and Tok, Alaska. Readers, many of them young mothers, find her through links on craigslist and They send her prayers and poems. Sites have sprung up in support; among them, a "Help Kaleb" MySpace page.

So many people have asked to be Schwade's online "friend, " that she has 359 pages of friend requests she hasn't yet answered, she writes.

More than 4, 700 people have left comments on her page since Kaleb was admitted May 9 to Tampa General Hospital. Thousands more have sent her electronic nods of support, called "kudos."

Her blog, set in the intensive care unit, stands in grim contrast to other popular MySpace pages. No. 2-ranked "Be Plies 'Shawty' For A Day!!" contains explicit language and photos. Another blogger, "Lil Mama, " got to No. 4 by asking, "If you were a lip gloss, what flavor would you be and why?"

Excerpt from

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Friday, June 8, 2007

NetJet Gaming System Giveaway is in Full Swing!

Keep those HOT TOPICS coming! We want to hear from you. Ask for parenting advice, or give us a subject you want our Cool Moms to discuss. Email viv at with "HOT TOPICS" in the subject line, and you will be entered in the NetJet Gaming System Giveaway! And don't forget to check in on June 13th for an extra Giveaway entry just for responding to the HOT TOPIC posted on the Cool Moms Rule homepage!

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Sunday, June 3, 2007

How Do I Enter the NetJet System Giveaway?!

I'm so glad you all asked! There are TWO easy ways to enter! All you have to do to enter the Cool Moms Rule NetJet System Giveaway is pick ONE of these methods of entry. If you elect to choose BOTH of these entry methods, you will be given an EXTRA entry into the Giveaway! Here's the Entry Methods: 1. EMAIL a question or a controversial topic for our brand new HOT TOPICS section! Just email Viv at with the subject line "HOT TOPICS". You can either ask for advice on a parenting issue, or suggest a topic you would like to explore with other Cool Moms to get their opinions. You can start emailing these topics right away! 2. ANSWER OR RESPOND to the questions and topics other Moms have emailed in! On Wednesday, June 13th, the questions and topics that have been sent in will be posted on the blog for our first HOT TOPICS section! Respond to any of the questions other Moms have posted or comment on any of the topics they have brought up, and you will earn an entry in the giveaway! Remember to include your email in your response. Once again, you can chose BOTH of these options for an extra entry! The NetJet Gaming System includes the controller with USB connector and 2 additional Game Keys, for Kart Racers and Paintball! It runs on Windows 2000, XP or Windows Vista. You will have one week from the date the HOT TOPICS are posted to get in your comment. On June 20th, the winner of the NetJet Gaming System will be selected and announced right here on the Cool Moms Rule homepage!

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