Thursday, November 15, 2007

You Can Save Thanksgiving Dinner Single-Handedly!

I bet you have at least one person in your family that worries about sugar in their diet. Maybe diabetes runs in your family, or a family member was recently diagnosed and still secretly aching for something sweet to satisfy those sugar cravings.

Well, this Thanksgiving, you might just save the day with the perfect sugar-free dessert.

Smucker's has come up with some Sugar-Free dessert toppings, and they've included recipes for great dessert ideas on their site.

Now, normally I am cautious about any foods claiming to be sugar-free, because, well, most of them taste like cardboard. But I recently received an email about the new Smucker's offerings, and I think these deserved to be checked out. I already use the regular Smucker's topping whenever we have a special ice cream night, and this particular dessert looked really good to me.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Psst...Are You a Secret Santa?

Cool Moms Rule has some great shopping tips for all you sneaky Santas this year, and savings is on the top of our list!

Shop at Brylane Catalog Outlet, where you can find special deals on selected items from the Brylane Home collection, and experience special savings from Cool Moms Rule:

BCO - $10 off orders of $40 or more with code BC10130, expires 12/31

BCO - 99 cent shipping on orders of $30 or more with code BC10129, expires 12/31

BCO - 30% off your favorite item with code BC10128, expires 12/31

Use our clickthrough, and shop Barnes & Noble's Holiday Sale for the bibliophile on your list!

Holiday Gift Catalog- 120x90

Need a special gift for a special teacher? Try Homeroom Direct. Family owned and operated since 1987, it's the website with teachers in mind. Save up to 80% by clicking below!

Homeroom creative link

Need some help around the house? If not, want to come and clean mine? Anyway, if you have beautiful hardwood or tile floors, tell hubby to spring for a irobot Scuba. It patrols the room for you so you can get some much-needed rest, and for a limited time he can save $50! My sis has one of these and loves it.

Save $50 on iRobot Scooba 380 - Ends 11/26/07 - 120x90

Last, but not least, we know you must have heard of by now, but have you ever tried shopping at their outlet store for even better deals? Check out the link below:

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ohmygosh! Are You Ready? (We can help!)

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and Christmas is fast approaching! Are you ready?!

Well, fear not, because Cool Moms Rule is, and we're going to help you get organized this holiday season with tips, tricks, special deals and giveaways all designed to do away with holiday stress!

Tomorrow, Cool Moms Rule's own Viv will be live (sorta) via podcast, asking those expert chefs over at Butterball just how much turkey is enough to feed her hungry family (plus tasty leftovers for the next day's sandwiches).

We want to send an extra "thank you" out to the Butterball folks, who went above and beyond to answer Viv's question--when they found out she didn't have her own personal ipod shuffle to listen to the podcast (Viv was planning on sneaking away with one of her boys' MP3's), Butterball sent her an ipod shuffle of her very own! And they even put their own special "Happy Holidays from Butterball" right down the side to commemorate the event!

So, obviously, Cool Moms Rule is suggesting you go right out and get a Butterball turkey for Thanksgiving this year! = )

Remember, you can catch Viv's question, and others, via the Butterball Turkey hotline podcat tomorrow, via (or you can subscribe to the podcast and others Butterball has to offer via itunes).

But that's not all we have for you! Oh no. Because right after Thanksgiving, you'll want to get out all those holiday cards, won't you? (okay, maybe "want" isn't the operative word here). Bet you aren't looking forward to addressing all of those now, are you?

Don't fret! Cool Moms Rule has asked the fantastic folks over at the Colour me Family website to give you a hand with all your holiday mailouts. Over at Colour me Family, you can personalize your holiday address labels with just a few clicks! You can create cute cartoon faces with the right hair and features for Dad, Mom, sons, daughters, babies, everyone in your family! You can even pick a special background for your cutie patooties! Viv discovered this simply sensational site surfing the internet, and she wrote to let the Colour me Family folks know how much she enjoyed their labels. They really came through for us:

Colour me Family are offering the winner of our next giveaway a customized family address set of 60 personalized labels free!

Here's how to enter the getaway:

Write a short comment below this post letting us know what about the coming holiday season has you most stressed this year!

Maybe you fear the long-standing family feud between Uncle Fester and Auntie Em will come to a head right at your dinner table! Maybe your dog has a habit of trying to snare the Thanksgiving turkey, or your cat likes to pounce on the ornament-laden Christmas tree!

Just let us know below (please remember to include an email address), and you could win the free personalized label set from Colour me Family!

We'll announce the winner on Monday, November 12th. There, now, aren't you feeling less stressed already? Good. That's what we're here for!

Update: We have a winner! Thanks to Kris B., who won our Colour Me Family labels.
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