Saturday, August 28, 2010

Disney's Fairies: What's All This, Then?

Disney Fairies is rooted in Disney's rich heritage of children's storytelling. The franchise builds upon the enormous popularity of Tinker Bell and introduces girls to her secret, magical world and a new circle of enchanting fairy friends, each with an incredibly diverse talent, personality and look. is now available in more than 20 territories across North America, Latin America, EMEA and Asia Pacific. Fans have created more than 25 million(!) personalized Fairy avatars to date that can take flight in the virtual world of Pixie Hollow.

Disney theme parks have also launched a Pixie Hollow attraction where fans can Meet the Fairies:

A Water Fairy
With a delightfully offbeat and upbeat outlook on everything, Silvermist usually goes with the flow, but steps up to play an important role in Tink's rescue during the sudden summer storm.

A Garden Fairy
Brimming with confidence and grace, Ro has a quick wit and a ton of charms. Fiercely loyal to Tink, she is the also the first to admit that Tink has a knack for finding trouble.

A Light Fairy
A detail-oriented perfectionist and chronic worrier, Iridessa's goal in life is to keep things running smoothly and avoid trouble. However, when the fairy rescue team runs into trouble, Iridessa boldly saves the day.

An Animal Fairy

Always up for adventure, Fawn is a rough-and-tumble fairy who bravely takes part in Tink's rescue, teaming up with Rosetta to tame Lizzy's menacing cat (who reminds me of our big orange Maine Coon, Cheddar!).

A Fast-Flying Fairy
The fastest of the fast-flying fairies, Vidia often clashes with Tink because of Tink's impetuous, rule-bending exploits. When Vidia's attempt to teach Tinker Bell a lesson backfires, she rallies her fellow fairies and risks everything to rescue Tink.

Interact With Fairies!

Your kids can play as fairies in the virtual world of Pixie Hollow. They can play mini-games, chat, accessorize special outfits and hair-do for their fairies, even adopt pets!

Worried about online safety? No worries! I spoke with moderators and game designers, and your concerns are their very top priority. To sign up for Pixie Hollow, kids need a parent, who can control their child's account and set up parental controls. You can choose from SpeedChat (the safest option for the youngest children) or SpeedChat Plus for older kids. 

There are LOTS of other safeguards built in, too: kids are given a "fairy name generator" to pick an approved name, they can't enter in any numbers (so no ages, addresses, etc. are possible), there is a slight delay in case moderators need to delete anything before it shows up publicly on screen, and curse words are absolutely not allowed--there are special filters that keep players from even typing them in.

Your children will love Pixie Hollow! Boys (or girls who want to play as boy characters)can get in the act, too, with the Sparrow Men. For a peek at a Sparrow Man, check out "Axel Moon Buzz" in the game. He has cool costumes!

And sometimes in Pixie Hollow, even Tinker Bell or one of her "celebrity" fairy friends from the Disney movies shows up to chat "in person"!

Although has lots of free access activities, for full access a monthly subscription fee of $5.95 applies.

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