Monday, January 10, 2011

We're Back! Hi, 2011!

Happy New Year! Let's hope 2011 is less hectic than 2010.

I took a little time off after the holidays--with the kitchen remodeling finishing, literally, at 6 PM on Christmas Eve, with our guests (my folks) arriving at around 1 PM (ack!) with most of our kitchen stuff still out in plastic storage baskets in the living room, and then the Engineer's Dad staying from Christmas until New Year's Eve, me doing physical therapy for my aching right hip (I have, apparently, twisted my SI so that my hips are completely out of alignment, and that left hip is "really tight") and then the boys' sleepover at New Year's and last weekend and THEN the Rhino's games last week (the first week back in school, which was only 4 school days, was taken up by three soccer games and one practice)--I was ready for a break!

Now, the Engineer is in CA (left last night and barely got out of Atlanta at around 10 PM due to the 10 inches of snow), the kids are in school, and I was able to do my first post-physical therapy workout, really more of a stretch and floor work deal than true cardio (not quite ready for that yet, though I've been trying to walk a little more just as a routine, everyday thing, shopping and such).

So! We're back, and welcoming 2011 with a few 5 Minute Reviews!

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