Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I did it! I signed up for PayPerPost!

Well, everybody, as you can see I took the plunge and signed up for payperpost"!

While at BlogHer '07, as you all know by now, I met some wonderful people, including other Moms like me who blog. A lot of them write occasional posts for PayPerPost, and had lots of good things to say about them! In addition, I spoke with the PayPerPost exhibitors at BlogHer (where I picked up this HUGE pen that my son assures me is "awesomely cool"), and I like them, too.

So I decided to try PayPerPost out for myself.

Now, what does this mean for you, my readers? Well, don't worry, first of all, that my product reviews will be biased. Those will NOT be sponsored posts. I am still sticking with my policy of accepting items for review and reporting on them after they have been tested out, with no other compensation.

But, especially if it was something I have been planning on posting about for a while, I will be writing the occasional sponsored post for PayPerPost. And I feel good about my decision.

Why? Because it's services like these that allow bloggers like me and my Mom friends to keep on blogging, attend conventions like BlogHer (that's how I intend to budget, anyway!) and just keep chugging right along.

I'm very excited by this new opportunity, and we can see where it goes together, okay? I welcome your comments. And, just so you know, this is my FIRST offical PayPerPost post!



BookTestOnline/Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the comment on my
blog recently. Keep me posted on
the BlogHer 08.

Good luck with the Pay per post.
I know a little bit about it.
great idea. Would love to know
more about how it works.

Also, excited about you adding
me to your Cool Moms Rule Blog.
Eliabeth G.

Kristin said...

Interesting, Viv! I remember seeing payperpost at the conference, but never took the time to check it out. I'll check in out now. Sounds like a good concept. And thanks for the bedtime tip.

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