Thursday, August 30, 2007

Product Review: Germ-X Advanced Protection Foaming Hand Sanitizer

It's rarely that I so look forward to testing a product for review here on Cool Moms Rule as I did testing this one out, and here's why: as you know if you've been following the site's posts, my kids started school last week. And every Mom knows that lots of exposure + lots of kids = lots of germs. And that means sick kids.

Sure enough, the very first day of school both of my boys came home with tales of--Eww!--kids throwing up. The very first day! And of course they don't want to get sick like that. And my advice to them is always, "Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands!" We follow the "Happy Birthday" rule for hand-washing: sing the Birthday song all the way through once and you've washed your hands for twenty seconds. Or at least, I follow the rule, and they are supposed to. But, hey, these are boys we are talking about. And maybe they don't always wash their hands as well as they should (all of you Moms of girls out there, I see you smirking).

So, using a hand sanitizer like Germ-X Advanced Protection helps me hedge my bets against infection. I know that when we were on a cruise, they had hand sanitizing stations to help keep down the spread of infection. And according to the American Journal of Infection Control, "Studies have shown a decrease in the average sick time of students who use hand sanitizers as a part of their hand hygiene regimen."

And Germ-X has gone one better and made theirs fun to use, by making it foamy. Consider this: what isn't better when it's foamy? Whipped cream is better than plain old cream. Bubble bath is better than bath soap. And foaming hand sanitizer just feels so indulgent that you focus on that pampering feeling, rather than the whole germ-killing aspect.

Some other added features that Moms will appreciate: this hand sanitizer is not alcohol-based. Instead, it uses, "benzalkonium chloride (the same stuff found in eyewashes and surface cleaners) to kill 99.9 percent of common germs." In light of recent concerns concerning small children accidentally ingesting quantities of alcohol from simple household products, the Germ-X Advanced Protection Foaming Hand Sanitizer offers another option. In addition, it has Vitamin E to keep hands soft and moisturized (which my boys wouldn't care a fig about, but I certainly appreciate), and a nice, fresh scent (nothing too fruity or floral for my boys, and not that nasty hospital-disinfectant smell).

In retrospect, this has been one of these easiest product reviews I've ever written!

Germ-X Advanced Protection Foaming Hand Sanitizer Final Grade: A +

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