Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Our First Book Review: Twilight

Title: Twilight (1st Book in The Twilight Saga)
Author: Stephanie Meyer
Age Range: Young Adult/Teen Readers

When Bella Swan starts high school in the perpetually rainy town of Forks, she misses her sunny former life with her newly-remarried Mom. Bella, attempting to forge a closer relationship with her Dad, Charlie, is anxious, fearing that her native klutziness will keep her from fitting in.

Instead, Bella finds that as a newcomer and novelty, she is surprisingly popular.

Everyone seems to like her.

Except her lab partner, Edward.

Smart, charismatic and charming, Edward is surely the golden boy of Forks. So why does no one befriend him? And why does he find the mere presence of Bella in the same classroom so disturbing that he tries to switch classes just to get way from her?

Confused by his behavior and seeking a solution, Bella instead discovers the clues to a much darker secret Edward is trying desperately to hide. As the clues come together, Bella begins to decipher the puzzle that is Edward, and discovers why he may be both the most intriguing--and the most dangerous--person she has ever met.

Such begins the Twilight saga, a series of three books (so far) for young adults. The author, Stephanie Meyer, would tell you herself that she never intended to write a young adult series. Her works are strongly character driven, and the Twilight series started out as, of all things, a dream about two teenagers engaged in a serious conversation about their future--the characters that became Isabella and Edward.

What sets this series apart from others is that one of these characters, Edward, is much more than just another high school student. I won't give his secrets away, but suffice it to say that teenage girls will identify with Bella and fall in love with Edward.

The saga continues with New Moon and Eclipse, each book as good as the first.

Notes to Parents: This series, ultimately, is about the triumph of true love over all else. The books contain little profanity and no sexual content, though the relationship between Bella and Edward is an intensely emotional one. The books deal with supernatural themes, but there is no reference to witchcraft, satanism or the occult, other than the legends of the native American tribes living in the Forks area. Good and evil are clearly defined. The heroine serves as a moral compass to young adults, making choices and learning from her mistakes and triumphs. Bella is a "good" character in every sense of the word.

The Twilight Saga is: Highly Recommended

UPDATE: MARSHWINS is brilliant! Marsh, you are the winner of the first book in the Twilight saga! Thanks for paying such close attention to ALL the posts in the 7 Days of knew the book was our last giveaway! I do need your email, though! Make sure you send that over to me, ASAP, so I can get your prize out! ~Viv

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marshwins said...

sounds like a good book for my 14 year old neice!!!! I'm in if I am not too late!

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