Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Review: Baby Einstein DVD

I know that you have all heard of Baby Einstein before. When you were looking for something educational for your child, something to help you parent your young one (maybe feeling a little guilty even as you did so, even though you were putting in those long days and nights, because you were on the quest to become The Perfect Mother) invariably, Baby Einstein is what stopped you in your tracks. I can almost hear you giving thanks that someone out there understood that just because you needed a little help now and then coming up with the umpteen-kajillionth activity to stimulate (but not overstimulate!) your baby didn't mean you were a bad Mom. Thank goodness someone out there understood.

Well, Baby Einstein is still getting it right today. They've released a new DVD for kids to play along with, entitled Baby's First Moves: Get Up and Go! I use those words, "play along with," deliberately, because this DVD isn't intended for mindless, couch-potato, glazed-eyed viewing. Rather, it's a way for Moms (and Dads, too!) to connect with their children one-on-one.

While watching the video, Moms are encouraged to talk to their child, linking what they see on the video to real-life situations, helping their infant or toddler make real-life connections. When the puppets in the video jump and dance, you can cuddle your baby in your arms and dance right along, or bring out your own puppets for a homemade version of the action on screen.

Baby Einstein's Baby's First Moves: Get Up and Go! is chock-full of activity--joyful babies clapping, jumping, dancing and more, all set to beautiful classical music you don't mind listening to again and again (which your baby will surely want to do!). Intended for children 3 months and older, the DVD actually encourages your child's developing motor skills.

And that's something every Mom can feel good about (without feeling guilty!).

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