Friday, September 12, 2008

Cabbage Patch Kids--twenty-five years old and still young-at-heart!

If you are a Mom over 25 years old*, you must remember Cabbage Patch Kids®!

Does this sound familiar?

One day, a young boy named Xavier Roberts discovered a magic cabbage patch. As Bunnybees® sprinkled cabbages with magic crystals, all sorts of different kids and babies appeared!

Xavier fell in love with them and built Babyland General® where they live and play until someone takes them home to care for and love.

Long before Al Gore discovered the internet ; ), we girls discovered the CP Kids, little button-nosed babies that you could adopt as your very own, who came with their own personalized birth certificate and adoption papers, each one unique and collectible. So popular were these dolls that folks would stand in line just to adopt one.

Believe it or not, this year marks the 25th anniversary of the Cabbage Patch Kids®, and limited editions of the dolls are being re-introduced to celebrate, along with an updated website full of fun games and activities for your little girl (or boy! Our youngest son had lots of dolls, I mean *action figures* when he was a toddler).

I had the privilege of adopting a Cabbage Patch Kid® as part of their 25th anniversary celebration. You can check her out in the pic I've included with the post. She even sat out in the sun by the pool! :)

Because the 25th anniversary is, as we all know, the silver anniversary, she came with a cute "silver spoon" in addition to her adoption certificate. See how she looks like she is ready to just give you a big hug?

You or your child can upload a picture of your own Cabbage Patch Kid® on the new website, or play games like the concentration-style Matchy Match, racing Stroller Derby or Nurse-A-Thon (where the object is to try to get all the babies to sleep at the same time!).

In addition, at the Cabbage Patch Kids® website, your child can watch videos or take part in virtual activities like dress-up, coloring in the virtual coloring books, or putting together puzzles. She can even make up and print invitations to her own slumber, beach, going-away or
pool party! Or she can have fun making a birthday invitation on her CP Kid's birthday, and asking all her friends to come with their own Cabbage Patch Kids®!

If you are younger than 25, all of us Tough Old Moms are going to lynch you out in the parking lot later. Seriously. We work out. We could take you.


Laura said...

I loved my Cabbage Patch doll!!

Casey said...

Now I'm going to have to dig my CPK out of my parent's attic for my kids. Thanks for the reminder!

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Sharkeysday said...

I loved Cabbage patch dolls, but never had one! Maybe I should have a mid-life crisis and go get one! :)

So, thanks for the positively sweet entrecard recommendation! I read you all the time too! Thanks a ton!

Callista said...

I'm exactly 25 years old and I had two. Rolanda and Bobby. I remember them fondly and wish I hadn't got rid of them. I'd love a special edition one for my kids but I'm sure they are too much money for us. I'll have to blog about this too.

Callista said...

oh whoops, forgot to say that I'm not sure why you don't have to click the time stamp to get to the comments. I use new blogger and don't have that problem.

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