Friday, September 5, 2008

Ilumina: Safe, Natural Organic Products for You and Your Baby!

After suffering from a series of chronic respiratory illnesses from the aerosol fumes and product fragrances in the salon where she worked as a hair stylist, Kathy Hansen tried yoga and an 'organic lifestyle', including an organic diet, to regain control of her health, and then embarked on a search for chemical-free products to replace the ones contributing to her illnesses.

What she found--or didn't find--surprised her: there was a complete void in hair and skin products that were truly chemical-free. Even more alarming, some of the products claiming to be "100% natural" still contained parabens, aluminum and petroleum-based ingredients.

This was the beginning of Ilumina Organics, the premiere organic skincare solution for newborns and the moms who nurture them. The all-natural, toxin-free line of hair, skin, and baby products packaged in bottles free of phthalates and Bisphenoal-A (BPA) have even been known to clear up eczema. Check out the testimonials on their site from Moms like you!

Viv says: I tried out some sample sizes of the Ilumina Organics line, like their honey lip balm, and found them creamy and lush, easily comparable to high-end skin and hair products, and yet completely chemical-free and natural. Best of all, right now, the Baby Wash is available for just 9.99!


Trish said...

I love Ilumina Organics too! My current favorite is their new Spicy Citrus shampoo and conditioner. It smells great and makes my hair feel sooo good. Sounds stupid, but my hair feels like it did when I was in my 20s. I am breastfeeding and am trying to limit the estrogenics in my bloodstream (and in milk for my daughter) and the shampoo and conditioner have none! Also, I am a life-long runner and just had a squamous cell cancer (SCC) removed from my forehead. I take good care of myself but all of the sun damage finally took its toll. Anyway, I was reading about SCC and found a study that showed that mice with sun damage got more skin cancer tumors when lotions with mineral oil or laureth sulfate were applied. Sooo, I thought I am so glad I am not using other shampoos anymore because they all have laureth sulfate in them. Maybe using Ilumina Organics shampoo and conditioner will reduce the chance I will get more skin cancer on my forehead!

Kathy Hansen said...

After a breast scare I consulted a naturopath I have known for over 15 years. He checked my estrogen levels and found them to be at a dangerous level which can lead to cancer. I have lived an organic/healthy life for many years so this was surprising. He said that even the so called natural products that I used daily could have petro chemicals in them which act as estrogen in the body. Being a hair designer exposed me,as well as my clients even further with each encounter at the shampoo bowl. My choices became limited as I read labels...who could I trust? So as any woman who cares about her friends and family would do...I decided to get together with my friends and make something I could be proud of and feel safe using for myself and the people I love. Please try Ilumina Organics, you'll love how it makes your skin and hair feel and you'll love knowing it's good for you:)....check out our site, testimonials from mom's thrilled about what our "Head to toe" baby wash has been doing to relieve eczema!

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