Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tuck's for a Sensitive...Subject

When you're about to become a Mom for the first time, and going through all the stages of pregnancy, everything from swollen ankles to stretch marks, you'll get a lot of advice.

I find that often the best advice doesn't come from experts--or at least not experts like doctors and scientists so much, but Moms themselves*. These are the women that will remind you to keep crackers by your bed for morning sickness and assure you that it's okay to wear a bikini when your stomach is the size of a bowling ball.

But even the closest Moms don't usually get into the touchiest subject that's likely to come up during or after pregnancy: hemorrhoids.

I know, you are about to close your browser and run from the room.

"Eww, gross!"

I can hear you now.

But this is something we really do need to talk about, Moms, because if we don't, we end up in the drugstore at midnight with no clue how to handle that itching, burning pain in an area we, well, really don't want to think about most of the time.

I didn't have to deal with hemorrhoids after my pregnancies--I was lucky that way, though I doubt two C-sections in less than two years would qualify on most Top Ten lists under "Lucky." For me, it was after my hysterectomy some 7 years ago.

It can be a scary thing, when you first experience them, because you can start worrying that you have a really SERIOUS problem going on. No one likes to think "bottom" and "blood" in the same sentence. So, in that sense, knowing it's "just hemorrhoids" can be a relief.

But the discomfort is something else entirely.

Burning, itching...ugh.

Fortunately, I found that in the past, when I had to face the situation, a couple things helped me.

First, I swear by the wet cleansing cloths that some of the toilet tissue brands have out there now. If we had bidets in this country, I would have one in my bathroom, but since we don't, I find they are the second best solution to, you know, feeling completely clean. And it's extremely important for the healing process.

And then, to actually deal with the hemorrhoids, medicate and eradicate them, you can't beat Tucks.

Not only do Tucks brand medicated products provide soothing relief, with Tucks Hemorrhoidal Ointment, Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch Ointment and Medicated Pads, but Tucks also has a line of Take Alongs, and all of their products offer effective treatment for hemorrhoids.

Take Alongs are medicated towelettes that offer a convenient way to treat hemorrhoid symptoms on the go. So you can go when you're on the go! ; )

Sorry, bad joke.

I like the Tucks Take Alongs especially, for when I have to spend too much time sitting on a plane or riding in a car seat and need a little relief in the evening. The Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch Ointment is also great on active days, for instance if you are going hiking or will be walking a lot.

And the thing is, Tucks are easy to find, and you'd be surprised how many people, women especially, use them. You're not going to get singled out with any embarrassing attention for just picking up some Tucks.

So, now you know, from another Mom, what you need for that embarrassing "little problem."

You're welcome. ; )

*I do know Moms are scientists and doctors too, so please don't send me hate mail!

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