Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hollywood Cookie Diet--A 'Gimmick' that WORKS!

So I was doing okay with my weight, maintaining at least, and thinking I could improve on it, maybe even lose some pounds. I felt in control.

And then my doctor lowered my thyroid medication (thyroid issues are what made me gain the weight in the first place), and I gained two pounds.


I needed something to make me feel in charge again, not just get my weight back in control but hopefully lose some pounds, too.

I've heard, as you probably have too, the ads for the Hollywood Cookie Diet on the radio. At first, I have to admit it sounded very gimmicky to me. You've got the whole popular culture love for celebrities with the 'Hollywood' part, and then of course everyone loves cookies, so you can definitely see the appeal, but would a diet with cookies in it really work?

But I also admit that down under all that was the thought, "Hey, I love cookies. Wouldn't it be cool if it DID work?"
So, when I was given a chance to try a sampling of The Hollywood Cookie Diet, I jumped on it. I would get to eat cookies! And maybe have a laugh or two at my own gullibility for thinking I could lose weight doing so.

So I tried it.

And here's the thing: I tried this diet for 4 days, and I lost four pounds.

Yes, really.

The cookies, first of all, are good. They're about 150 calories each, and they will fill you up for a couple hours, and they have the nutrients you need to keep you from filling up on junk food. You have as many as four (though I would usually do three) cookies a day, and then have a "sensible dinner."

Well, that's the rub, isn't it? If you feel hungry or deprived, you won't usually opt for a sensible dinner. I've found that I've had trouble with that in the past, because I'll spend my mornings and afternoons trying not too overeat and to make healthy choices. I may even do okay with a sensible dinner that first day. But inevitably, the next day I'll go to pick up the kids, and I'll be hungry from trying to eat right, and they'll be hungry because they didn't eat much of the school lunch, and they'll want me to grab some fast food and I'll do that, rationalizing to myself that I've been eating well until then and...well, you see how that can sabotage the whole "sensible dinner" thing.

But with The Hollywood Cookie Diet, I would eat a cookie for breakfast, slowly, savoring it (because, hey, it's a chocolate chip cookie!) and then one at lunch, and then at 3:30, when I picked up the kids, I'd take a cookie with me. They're individually wrapped, and easily portable, and if the kids wanted some fast food, I'd be there with my cookie and I wouldn't be tempted.

And I could have a sensible dinner that evening with the Engineer.

And that's all there was to it.

I'm one of those people who really needs to work on my concept of diet, because in the back of my head I think of dieting as depriving myself in some way. And I think that's one of the reasons I responded so well--I didn't feel deprived because I was eating cookies!

Also, knowing that the cookies are about 150 calories each, I was easily able to track how many calories I was consuming. On a day when the Engineer was playing golf, I fixed something for the kids and then just had low-cal microwave meal myself for dinner.

The Hollywood Cookie Diet also worked well for another bad habit I have. I tend to want to eat comfort food when I am stressed. So, one day, I went ahead and had that fourth cookie when I was feeling stressed. I got my comfort food, and I didn't overeat.

You'll have to decide, of course, if you have issues similar to mine that will respond well to this program.

I ended up ordering more cookies because, as I say, it really did work for me. The samples I was sent were all chocolate chip cookies, but I really like oatmeal cookies, so I ordered a box of each so I could continue The Hollywood Cookie Diet. They also have lemon cookies. Each box contains 12 cookies, enough for 3 days if you are eating 4 cookies a day plus dinner, and a box of cookies is just 19.95, which for two meals a day plus snacks for three days is pretty good--that's about $1.67 a serving.

Ordering was another positive of this diet plan for me. First of all, you can just do it online--no phone call full of sales people, no pressure to buy more. You don't have to commit to months on a plan with The Hollywood Cookie Diet, either--you can order just a box of twelve cookies (three to four days' worth) if you want. If you DO order more boxes, you start getting a discount--buy three boxes of any type of cookies and you get one free.

I chose regular shipping, and ordered my cookies last Friday. The process was simple and professional, and the email notification said that I should receive my shipment after 2-5 business days. Right now, my package (I have a tracking number) says it will get here tomorrow, so that's a pretty good estimate. You can pay more if you want faster shipping, there are several options.

Viv's Take: As someone who has a slow metabolism, tends to overeat more than I should and exercise less than I should, The Hollywood Cookie Diet definitely gave me a plan I could live with, and stick to, so I highly recommend for anyone like me, who needs that extra jumpstart to lose weight! For more information, visit

I received one pack of 12 cookies to try out the diet and give my honest assessment. Since this review posted, Sunset Health asked my permission to post my testimonial on their website. I will not be compensated in any way for my testimonial.

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