Monday, August 17, 2009

Savings on School Clothes from French Toast!

Stop and moment and reflect. With the school year about to begin, how much are you prepared to spend on your kids' school clothes?

Now that my boys are teens, they pretty much just throw on jeans and a t-shirt every day. You'd think it would be cheap to dress them, but their clothes set me back a pretty penny compared to their elementary school days.

Back then, although they attended a public school, they wore a uniform of polos and either khaki pants or shorts. Getting them dressed in the morning was easy--no arguments about what they were wearing--and I always knew if I needed to do laundry (just count the polos in the closet!).

If your kids are wearing uniforms this year, (lucky you!) French Toast offers a unique combination of quality and style, and if you price out an entire school wardrobe for your kids, you'll find it's actually reasonable. In fact, the cost of a complete French Toast school uniform wardrobe for a boy or girl is about $120 (see breakdown below).

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School Uniform Prices from French Toast:

6 tops- 8= 48.00
4 pants- 15= 60.00
1 sweater 15= 15.00


6 tops- 8- 48.00
2 pants- 13= 26.00
1 skort-10= 10
1 shorts-10
1 sweater- 13

Totals- 107.00

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