Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm sick...will you marry me?

So the title of this post is not exactly the kind of romantic proposal anyone dreams of, is it?

But with healthcare becoming so expensive in the U.S., sometimes marriage is the best answer to paying those bills.

Especially when one of you has a "pre-existing condition." GRAR. Those words out to be outlawed. The whole reason you buy insurance is because you want to be covered in any eventuality, right? So, you're sick, you figure you need health insurance. And what happens? Sick people get turned away because they are ill.

That's...well, that's sick.

Meet one woman who is trying to take charge of her own healthcare by actively searching for a mate based on his insurance, on her site, WillMarryForHealthInsurance.

Born with an immune deficiency, Terri Carlson realized that, after her divorce, she was running out of time under her ex-spouse's insurance coverage. Soon, she would be unable to afford her own medical bills.

Stuck, Teri considered robbing a bank--in jail, she'd get three square meals a day, a place to work out and health coverage--but decided she'd rather find a husband than share a cell.

If you think she's the exception to the rule, by the way, you might be surprised. I heard about this woman and her website through Metafilter, and throughout the discussion, more and more members came in to say that, although they loved their spouses, what ultimately pushed them into making the arrangement official was, indeed, the insurance issue.

It's ironic that the healthcare "debate" has been derailed by politicians that already have the best healthcare in the country (though apparently Microsoft gets kudos as well for their care. Apple, why don't you step up the plate, too, and make this Mac fangirl proud?).

So, Congress, let's stop all this nonsense talk of how a national healthcare plan will turn as all into socialists, like that was some kind of one-way ticket to hell in the first place.

How about we just resolve, once and for all, that affordable healthcare is a right everyone deserves, and GET. IT.DONE. already?

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you are sick that does not mean every one will marry with you heheheh

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