Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mad Men Maker

Did you love the season opener of Mad Men last weekend? Can't wait for more Mad Men goodness? Then  "Mad Men Yourself" over at the official website!

Are you a Joan, a Betty, or a Peggy? Find out now.

Or just try on the fashions of the time, complete with accessories. Put yourself in the clothes, hairstyles and settings of the popular AMC show.

And yes, your Mad Man can give himself a makeover as well.

Check out my new Mad Men character to the left.

I like to think she just hangs out by the pool, drinking tropical confections while wearing her pearls and gloves.

Maybe I could take over Betty's role. She's my least favorite character on the show--gorgeous, but boring (okay, well, part of that is that January Jones is better at looking pretty than actual acting).  I'd like to see them find a creative way to get rid of her character.

After all, Don's never really settled down to a monogamous lifestyle anyway. ; )

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