Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Failblog Fun!

...is for FAIL Blog, just for fun!

This is one of my kids' favorite websites, and today at noon, the FAIL Blog Community Names Justin Bieber the Prince of FAIL in 2010!

From a failed Segway getaway to a driving test meltdown and a run-in with a revolving door, the FAIL Blog community today ranked Justin Bieber as the Prince of FAIL in 2010. With a landslide win of nearly 50 percent of the votes, Justin Bieber beat out MTV’s train wreck, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, as well as Tiger Woods and Mel Gibson.  

“When you’re the planet’s biggest teen sensation, nominated for a Grammy, and Barbara Walters calls you one of this year’s most fascinating people -- surely someone out there will capture you in FAIL moments,” said Ben Huh, CEO of the Cheezburger Network of humor sites that includes I Can Has Cheezburger?, FAIL Blog, and The Daily What. “Justin Bieber seems to appreciate humor, so hopefully he’ll wear this crown with pride knowing that a few Bieber FAILS gave us a fun opportunity to laugh at someone else’s misfortune.”

Of course it wouldn’t be a complete FAIL list without ranking the FAIL Blog videos submitted by fans from around the world highlighting average people doing dumb things. The winner in the Top 10 FAIL Blog videos for 2010 is the Watermelon Launch FAIL – footage from the reality TV show, The Amazing Race, where a woman takes a watermelon in the face with a giant slingshot. Answering Your Phone in Class FAIL ranks second and Roller Coaster Vomit FAIL follows closely behind.

Here are the Top 10 funniest gaffes and craziest antics that happened around the world in 2010 according to the FAIL Blog community:

Top 10 Most Memorable FAIL People:
1.Justin Bieber 44%
2.Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi 10%
3.Tiger Woods 8%
4.Mel Gibson 7%
5.Lindsay Lohan 5%
6.Bristol Palin 5%
7.Mike Sorrentino (aka “The Situation”) 4%
8.The Kardashians 4%
9.Brett Favre 4%
10.Miley Cyrus 3%

Honorable mentions: Each receiving 2 percent of the votes were Charlie Sheen, Jesse James, and Paris Hilton.

Top 10 Most Memorable FAIL Moments:
1.BP Oil Spill 34%
2.Jessi Slaughter’s Dad Goes Ballistic 8%
3.Lincoln Park Rapist 8%
4.The Farmville Murderess 7%
5.No Snow at the 2010 Winter Olympics 5%
6.The iPhone Hates Left Handed People 5%
7.Katy Perry’s Video Gets Banned on Sesame Street 5%
8.The Sex Line on OchoCinco’s Cereal Box 4%
9.The Jay Leno/Conan O’Brien NBC Debacle 4%
10.Meg Whitman tries to out FAIL Blog 4%

Honorable mentions: Each receiving 3 percent of the votes were “The Woman Who Married Herself in Thailand”, “Tiger Woods’ Sort of Apology”, “Robert Green’s Error at the World Cup”, and “The McNugget Rampage in Toledo”. In at 2 percent were “The Toyota Recall” and “Scientists Call Shenanigans on the Triceratops”.

Top 10 Most Memorable Videos and Photos on FAIL Blog:
1.Watermelon Launch FAIL 34%
2.Answering Your Phone in Class FAIL 13%
3.Roller Coaster Vomit FAIL 9%
4.Stripper FAIL 7%
5.Handwashing FAIL 7%
6.Ghost Ride FAIL 6%
7.Elephant FAIL 5%
8.Orchestra FAIL 5%
9.Rock Band FAIL 5%
10.Tattoo Recipient FAIL 5%

Honorable mention: “Dirty Dancing FAIL” received 4 percent of the votes.

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