Monday, October 3, 2011

Spyro Flies Again!

Remember the loveable, playable dragon, Spyro?

He's baaaaaaack!

Cute little purple dragon (that spits fire), Spyro

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventures, set to release October 16th from Activision, offers a unique new take on the old classic, delivering a "cross-platform experience" that will fully immerse kids in Spyro's vivid 3D world.
This Little Dude is The Eruptor

Activision has worked some kind of technological magic, and their cute little dragon toys can go from the playground to TV screen, letting your children interact with them virtually through TV, computer and game console, too. And THEN, the toys actually "remember" where they are in a game, so that your kids can take them to their friends' houses and start just where they left off via the Portal of Power (great name, btw).

The Portal of Power! Muahahaha!

But that's not even the best part! Are you ready for the best part? 
I still don't know how they can do this, but the toys can transfer those "remembered" game experiences effortlessly from one platform to a completely different one! 

So, if you have the Nintendo Wii and your neighbor's kid has the Xbox 360, there's no problem--Spyro and his pals can go back and forth between them without losing a step! And that's not all--Playstation, Nintendo DS, even PCs and Macs are compatible with the new technology. There's even a whole website world where your kids can play online, too: Skylander's Spyro's Universe. I love that everyone can keep the technology they have now, and yet their kids can still play along with their friends who have a different game console or computer.

Sounds high-tech and space-agey, doesn't it? Don't you just want to try this? I mean, let your kids try this (I admit it, I want to play this game myself, so there!).

Gill Grunt
And wouldn't you be just the Coolest Mom in the world if your family was one of the FIRST families to get this whole wallopin' world of wondrous whimsy right in their home?

You know what--I bet it would be even cooler if you could get it for FREE, right?

Okay, then.

Cool Moms Rule! is giving away TWO Skylander: Spyro's Adventure  games  to celebrate the game's launch day, October 16th!

To Enter: All you have to do is visit the game's website and leave a comment on your favorite character from the game, and on what console your family would play Skylander: Spyro's Adventure! (required for all entrants).

For Additional Entries (optional):

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Contest ends on launch day, October 16th, at noon.

EDIT 10/17/11: I have now set up this contest on rafflcopter (if you entered previously, I transferred your entry, don't worry). Since I have not yet received my review copy, I will announce the winners along with my review. This giveaway will now end on noon Monday, October 24th!

Which just means you have more time to enter and WIN!

Skylanders Spyro's Adventure includes a vast single player adventure, co-op gameplay, battle modes, puzzle solving and treasure hunts.  The game is rated E10+ by the ESRB.  For more information, visit

I will receive a complementary copy of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventures to review for the blog in conjunction with this giveaway and my blog posts about the game. The prizes in the giveaway will be shipped directly to the winners from the contest sponsors. Their prizes, and my own copy of the game, are not contingent on a favorable review. My review will be an honest assessment of my own experience with Skylanders: Spyro's Adventures.


Alex said...

My fave is SPYRO!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love Spyro! We have Wii. Thanks!

Timshaun said...

I like Sparx
Shaunda.eppes at gmail dot com

Peter Schott said...

I think Spyro is my favorite. We have a Wii console.

paschott [at] gmail [dot] com

nelsonclan said...

Spyro for sure

Raelena said...

I like Stealth Elf. I have a Wii

Nicole said...

Chop Chop looks cool! We have a Wii

Bebemiqui said...

I like Ghost Roaster.

Kayla said...

My favorite character is definitely Spyro and on the PS3.

Kayla said...

I think it might have double-entered some of my entries! I apologize if it did and please feel free to delete them!

Brianna said...

I use to love playing spyro on the PS1.

Mrudder said...

I have to say my favorite character from this game has got to be Drobot. Nothing like a cyborg dragon :).

JD said...

Spiro! I would play on the Xbox 360

Mrudder said...

Oops! forgot to put the system in. Hoping to win it on the 3 DS :)

Rob said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rob said...

Hunter.Gotta love the clumsy best friend :P..I have an xbox & wii :)

bittipfan said...

Spyro :D
Xbox 360 but Wii is also fine.

Lorie said...

I'm partial to Drill Master. He reminds me of my Drill Sergeant from USMC boot camp! My son wants dark spyro, though.

Lorie said...

Sorry - 3DS version because of the dark spyro.

Bipple305 said...

Cynder... I love fire. I'd play it on PS3, Spyro's nature habitat.

Candy said...


NOAH JETTE said...

Spyro is still my fave!!
XBOX 360 here!!

SixGreedyImps said...

Kinda loving Zap. Cute but a little mean too. Plus my daughter thinks he's adorable :P

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