Thursday, October 6, 2011

This Giveaway is a (wait for it) REAL STEEL!

 DreamWorks Pictures’ REAL STEEL opens in theatres everywhere tomorrow.

The movie stars Hugh Jackman (good enough reason to see it right there), and takes place in the not-so-far-away future, where boxing is now high-tech and fought not by men but by huge fighting robots (sounds like a more humane way to go about it, actually. No more concussions!).

Hugh Jackman is a former fighter who lost his chance at the title when the robots came along. When he hits rock-bottom (and basically runs out of other choices), his son (played by Dakota Goyo), who wants a better relationship with his estranged Dad, team up to build (and train, apparently?!) their own robot contender. 

Now, if that isn't enough to get you excited for the weekend, guess what? To celebrate the opening, we at  Cool Moms Rule! get to host REAL STEEL  giveaway for you! 


REAL STEEL t-shirt
(in adult  sizes S, M, L, XL)
REAL STEEL bottle opener 
REAL STEEL stickers
REAL STEEL temporary tattoos
One lucky winner takes home the whole kit and kaboodle (ever wonder what a "kaboodle" is? It's things like that keeping me up at night).

To Enter:

Just leave a comment here with your favorite Hugh Jackman film. Come on, the guy's had billions, this is an easy one!

For Additional entries:

Tweet about the contest using #realsteel and #coolmomsrule for THREE extra entries.

"Like" Dreamworks and the REAL STEEL Facebook page for another TWO entries.

+1 on Google Plus for another entry.

Contest ends Monday, October 17th and is available to US and Canadian entrants only, please. 

Good Luck!

P.S. A caboodle (or boodle) - is an archaic term meaning group or collection, usually of people. A "kit" is what soldiers carried their equipment in. The beginning "ca" was most likely added on to boodle simply for alliteration when combined with "kit". The exact phrase "the whole kit and caboodle" was first recorded in 1884. There. Now you can get some rest!

The items in the giveaway are being sent directly to the winner, chosen through random integer selection, by the giveaway sponsor. I have received no personal compensation whatsoever for posting about the REAL STEEL movie or hosting this giveaway on this blog.


Daners said...

Whaaaaaat? No one?! Hugh Jackman is the BEST. The Prestige is probably his best film, but his X-Men: Origins movie was pretty fantastic.

Daners said...
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Viv said...

Yeah, I don't know what happened with this giveaway, but Congratulations, Dane, you are our winner now!

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