Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Don't Let Your Daughters Fall for This

I am an active member of the "Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids". Today I received an e-mail from them on a disturbing new ad campaign that targets women and girls.

Here's an excerpt from the heads-up they sent me:

Do you know what's pretty in pink and "light and luscious" -- but kills?

This year, R.J. Reynolds (RJR), the second largest tobacco company in the U.S., introduced a new product - Camel No. 9. With its sleek packaging, flowery ads, a pink camel on every cigarette and the slogan, "light and luscious," Camel No. 9 openly targets women, but is also very appealing to girls.

Camel No. 9 has been launched with a huge marketing effort that is estimated to cost between $25 and $50 million. Full-page ads are running in some of the most popular women's magazines, including Vogue, which is also read by 1.4 million young girls.

Fun, exciting, and luscious are hardly words that describe a product that lures young women into a deadly addiction that kills. More than 150,000 women in the U.S. die every year from smoking-caused disease and those diseases result in $34.7 billion in annual health care costs.

I think you will agree with me that the full-page ads, with their pretty pink flourishes, look like something that would appeal to young women.

If you would like to let Vogue know that you do not support this kind of advertising targeting young women, maybe even your daughters, The Campaign For Tobacco-Free Kids has made it easy for you. Clicking on the link below will take you to a page where you can fill in your information and send an email to the editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine:

Send Vogue a Message

Note to those of you who smoke: If you are a smoker, you may be wishing you could quit and finding it very difficult to do so. Studies show that the majority of people who smoke today started very young and became addicted to nicotine at an early age, before much was known about its addictive properties. Better education for our kids today means they will make more informed choices. At the very least, encouraging them to wait until they are old enough to understand the consequences of their actions could make them stop and think before starting a habit that could affect the rest of their lives. That's one reason why I do not support advertising that is clearly geared to young people.

I'll get off my soapbox now! : )

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