Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Some Great New Finds

I ran across some great new stuff and I thought I would share some of my finds with you.

I was surfing this weekend, since the kids and I are sick with this nasty virus that's running through both of their schools (we all have barking coughs like seals) and I came across two sites for kids that Moms can benefit from, too.

First is The Hero Machine, a cool interactive site that lets you create your own Superhero, Fantasy Hero or (bizarrely) basketball player. And yes! You can make a heroine, too! Both the Rhino and the Owl created their own superheroes, and I spent a fun half an hour here as well. You can choose hairstyles, boots, gloves, pants, weapons--choose humanoids and you even get to create an animal companion. The only downside was that I couldn't save my character (the only complicated part of the process). As I am a stout Mac fan and was working on my Macbook Pro, those of you with Windows may not have the same problem at all. Even if you do, you should be able to use "print screen" if your kids want a hard copy of their creations.

The next site is great when you have bored, sick kids around. I remember spending a lot of time reading when I was sick as a kid, but sick times were still the worst, and we didn't have game consoles to keep us entertained back then. But don't worry, your kids will never have to make the sacrifices that you did. Just for them, there is Every Video Game. Actually, a few games are definitely missing, but lots of NES and arcade games are on here, and your kids can actually play them for free.

This last site is just for us Moms. Our kids are already spoiled anyway. ;) The folks over at Real Age, a site which I have always espoused as one of my great resources for Moms, have come out with a new book that's just for us. It's entitled, Good Kids, Bad Habits. I've included the link over on the sidebar with the other "What Cool Moms are Reading Now" recommendations.

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