Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday blahhhs

So today is Monday and I have the usual Monday blahhhs. It was a beautiful day, but now it is clouding up and the sky is grey. Thankfully, The Grandparents sent us the great pic above to cheer us up! That's the Mama resident Sandhill Crane with two new additions to the family! See the little fluffballs? It's amazing to think they will grow up to look like Mama, isn't it?

And of course, we have the My Favorite Things Carnival on Wednesday! Bloggers, you still have time to get those submissions in! Cut off time is Tuesday at 8 pm EST. (Yes, I will be scrambling to get those posts out there on Wednesday!) Remember, we want your Favorite Things for Spring for this edition, with links so the Cool Moms out there will know how to get them! You can post your entries through the widget over there >>>> on the sidebar, or send them here: Cool Moms Rule, with the word "carnival" in the subject line.

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