Monday, July 16, 2007

Between Me and You

Sand Dune Books has a great new series called Between Me And You™ ... a few things I’ve been meaning to ask.

Basically, this series consists of journals with questions inside tailored specifically for the recipient: MOM, GRANDMA, HONEY, etc. You can give them to the people you love and the journals are returned with handwritten responses. You then have a great keepsake to cherish.

I know that, growing up, I used to hear great stories from my own grandmother. We used to say things like, "Did that really happen?" and "That would make a great book!" Of course, we never seemed to get around to recording any of her stories until it was too late.

My grandmother, my father's Mom, died when my youngest, the Rhino, was still a baby. She was undergoing treatment for cancer and, due to her compromised immune system, she could not even see the Rhino because, since he was getting his series of shots at the time, he could have made her seriously ill.

So the Rhino never met my Dad's mother, and he never got to hear her great stories.

I think these journals are a great idea, and when Winston over at Sand Dune books wrote to me about them, I wanted to share them with you, so you can keep the stories alive for your kids.

Incidentally, my father-in-law, a journalist, created a family newspaper for the grandkids with much the same idea as these journals, and I know our kids are going to cherish it as they grow older.

Check out the Between Me And You™ series over at

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robomom said...

Cool idea. I should check these out since my Mom's b-day is coming up soon. Thanx.

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