Monday, July 9, 2007


Well, Moms, I have been promising this review for a while, and it has been busy at home since school let out, but that's not the only reason it took me so long to write this review. I honestly wanted to give you a full review of the website, which is a free, interactive kids site brought to you by Hasbro, and there really is just so much to do there that I went back several times. Now, I don't take compensation for my reviews, as you know, and I have to say, I think most kids would just love the whole site!

Anyway, here's a rundown of some of the fun things I found to do over at

First, I played a game called "Sandman's Tower", which is a Spiderman game. You climb up building, and move yourself left or right with the arrow keys to either grab points and bonuses, or avoid dangers (like electrically charged windows and bad guys). I played this A LOT. Word to the wise: use your spidey sense!

Remember Lite Brite? ("Lite Brite, making things with light...") The online version is as much fun to play, only better. You don't have to clean up the little pegs or worry about stepping on them in bare feet. Yes, that IS my creation above.

The Littlest Pet Shop Line up Game is a very simple matching game. Older kids will probably want to skip this one, but little kids (and Moms) will love the cute animals.

Okay, my boys totally won't understand my fascination with this, but my very favorite activity over at was creating my own fashion mini-magazine over in Designer's World. You can pick which edition you want to "publish", choose the model, what she is wearing and how she accessorizes her outfit, select a color scheme, and include fun pages, like horoscopes or word puzzles. Personalize the magazine more by adding in your own name as editor, your model's personal information (little girls will want to use their own) like favorite vacation spots, birthday, etc. Then, print up and assemble your pages into an actual mini-magazine!

I thoroughly enjoyed all the activities I tried out over at, and there were lots more I could have selected. Yes, they have Transformers activities to go with the new movie.

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, there is a link to the Hasbro store on the site, as well as some activities that require registration, like competitions. But I didn't register, and everything I sampled on the site was free. Ideally, grade-school children, those from say 6-11, will probably get the most out of the site, as some of the games are geared towards younger children, but, well, I had a ball! Guess I need to grow up a little... : )

So, final rating for the website? A+

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