Friday, July 27, 2007

Coming to You Live from BlogHer '07!

I'm sitting outside the door of the busiest room so far at BlogHer '07--in fact, it is two rooms, usually partitioned, that have been set aside specifically for this afternoon's session.

I'm sitting outside because, at the mmoment, the room is so crowded I can't even get in the door. And I'm not the only one. Mingling and eavesdropping outside with me are numerous bloggers, some I met or lunched with earlier in the afternoon.

Which session has us all hanging out here, listening in, while the seats inside--and any available floor space--is already brimming over with warm (make that hot, it's humid here in Chicago) bodies, listening avidly to each speaker in turn?

The session is "The State of the Momosphere."

That's right, we're BIG NEWS here at the BlogHer Convention, Moms!

The session's being chaired by an organization known as Five Moms, a great group of women I spoke with earlier today on an issue that I didn't even know was out there, an issue that affects one in ten kids--cough syrup addiction.

I kid you not. One in ten children, including the child of one of the original Five Moms, has this addiction. And, according to Five Moms, one in FOUR children has a friend who is addicted.

But they are getting the word out. And not only that, Moms have come from all over to share their own concerns and questions, and to join in the incredible sense of community that is the Momosphere.

I'm so glad I'm here at BlogHer '07 to experience all this myself first-hand.

(But don't worry! I'll keep you all posted, too!)


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Paper Fan Club said...

Sounds like a great experience; I'm sure you're picking up some of the best tried and true tricks. Keep us updated.

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