Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Open Letter to the View

Dear Panelists of the View;

As a mother who promotes tolerance and respect for the beliefs of all people to her children, I am nonetheless stunned by Sherri Shepherd's remarks on your show about evolution and whether the world is round. If Sherri chooses not to believe in evolution, that is certainly her right (though I would be interested in knowing how she rationalizes scientific evidence to the contrary, like fossil records and carbon dating, and hope that issue comes up on another episode of the View).

But when Sherri went on to say that she did not even know whether the earth is round, and then tried to excuse her ignorance by suggesting that she was too busy being a mother to take the time to educate herself, that was just going too far. Sherri made a point of acting as if it was not important for her, as an educated adult, let alone a parent, to be aware of even this most basic fact. When pressed, she said that if her child ever asked her, she and her son would have to go to the library to look up whether the earth was round or flat.

This is plainly ridiculous. Any person who has reached adulthood without learning the world is not flat should certainly not be serving as a spokesperson for other women on national television. And any woman who suggests that she did not learn something she should have learned as a child because she was too busy being a Mom just makes all women who choose to stay home full-time and take care of their children look like morons. Furthermore, defending her own ignorance about the world's geography just makes Americans, once again, look like uneducated, over-privileged egocentrics to the rest of the world.

Sherri needs to take some night courses and brush up on her facts before she sits in a panel on national television and attempts to take part in any informed discussion. Simply because a person is not controversial, as Rosie was, does not mean, or at least it certainly should not mean, that she is representative of the smart, savvy women who are also devoted mothers that really live in this country.


Viv Bruss, Editor
Cool Moms Rule!


Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

Amen Viv!

Emily Rose Doll Clothes said...

Love this letter! How appalling that she would use "being a Mom" as an excuse for being ignorant.

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