Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11th Field Trip Appropriate for this Day

The Rhino was SO excited this morning because he is going on a field trip to the Kennedy Space Center today, as part of a program known as BLAST. We don't have to pay for a thing; special buses are sent right to the school to pick the kids up and take them to Kennedy Space Center, where they will participate in a mock shuttle launch.

I find this day an especially good one for my son to visit a national landmark and maybe feel a little more patriotic inside as a result. It's been six years since the World Trade Center bombings, but the memory is still vivid for all of us. So it's difficult for adults, and especially parents, to feel cheerful on a day like today, that reminds us of how much we have lost. But I think it's right that when we look back, we also look forward, and take the time to appreciate our great good fortune to be living in a free country, speaking our minds and sharing our opinions, and celebrating the innovation and sacrifice of the brave Americans who came before us.

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