Friday, August 22, 2008

RuMe Lunch Bags Even Please the Tweens

Just look at these images. Aren't these bags gorgeous?! Seems almost wasteful to give these to your kids, doesn't it?

But that's okay, because they're not wasteful at all. RuMe mini bags, like those pictured, are reusable, not to mention *machine* washable! They are really eco-friendly.

And they can hold up to 30 lbs, which is just enough for my growing boys (the Rhino is taller than ME now!). ;) They tell me that means that each bag could hold 40 tennis balls (though why they chose tennis balls I don't know. Makes you wonder what the folks are doing over there at RuME, doesn't it?).

But, to get to my point, it isn't the cool colors and prints or the re-usability or even the machine washability (I just made that word up) that makes the RuMe bags so cool.

It's this: even though they hold so much, RuMe mini bags fold down to the size of a *business card."

Yes, really! They get that tiny.

RuMe bags sent me a few samples (which is fantastic, because I was looking for lunch bags my tween and teen would think were "cool" enough to actually use), and these things really do roll down to the size of a business card. They even have velcro fasteners to hold them closed when they are full, which also keep them tidy and tiny when they're folded up and empty.

These bags are, in a word, perfect for us around the Cool Mom household! I really was at my wits' end, because the new school year is starting, and The Rhino doesn't want to take his backpack into lunch, but he is now too cool (and too hungry) to carry his lunch in a little paper bag or a lunch box. And I couldn't find a solution that would fit the bill. Most lunch bags were too small and yet too bulky to carry around with all of his other stuff.

But now, with the RuMe mini bag, we have the perfect solution. We can fit it into his backpack (it holds a lot but is not bulky at all), and he can just then fold it up and slip it back into his pocket when he's done eating lunch.

I can recommend the RuMe bags to you without any reservations whatsoever, and I wanted to make sure you knew that they have LOTS of different patterns and colors, suitable for boys AND girls.

You can check out the RuMe mini bags here!

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