Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thank You! No, merci!

Remember that teacher your son had last year, who helped him through English? Maybe you'll even see her when you go to register for school again soon. How about that neighbor down the street who always picks up your mail for you when you're out of town and keeps on eye on the house? Oh, and what about the veterinarian that treated your dog that time he was throwing up all over the house (the dog, not the veterinarian)?

We all have people like these in our lives every day, people who perform small acts of kindness and don't expect anything in return--but wouldn't it be nice if you surprised them with something really special to thank them anyway?

And what if you could figure out the perfect reward for each person? Maybe your son's teacher would appreciate a whole shopping cart of school supplies every nine weeks. And your neighbor loves to garden--how about a nice patio set so she can enjoy her blooming flowers? And the veterinarian enjoys watching the occasional football game--wouldn't he like season box tickets to all the home team's games

Now you can nominate any or all of these special people for a customized "Thank You," thanks to merci Chocolates' National Thank You Day Contest. Write a short blurb about nominating who you want to thank and what you feel would be the perfect reward, and they could win your customized recommendation on September 22nd, National Thank You Day.

Just for nominating someone, you will get a BOGO coupon from merci Chocolates (and they're so rich and delicious you'll be tempted to eat both boxes yourself). 100 First prize winners will receive merci Chocolates and an autographed book from Peggy Post of Emily Post fame. And the grand prize winner receives that incredible custom "Thank You" package valued up to $20,000!

National Thank You Day isn't until September 22nd, but merci Chocolates' National Thank You Day Contest ends FRIDAY, so get right on this and submit your entry!

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