Thursday, August 7, 2008

Primo Water: Pure Taste and an Environmentally-Friendly Bottle

Why is it that bottled water just tastes better than tap water?

I used to feel guilty about feeling this way, because tap water is, of course, readily available and presumably just as good for you as bottled water.

But now I don't have to feel guilty at all, because I am drinking water that not only tastes better than plain old tap water but is good for me and environmentally friendly.

I've discovered Primo Water.

I first had Primo Water in California, where I drank it almost exclusively at BlogHer08, to keep me from diving into the high-fructose corn syrup-laden soft drinks. I could stick a bottle in my case right along with my laptop and not be tempted.

And the thing was, it was really good water. I mean, better tasting even than most bottled water, and I am not alone in thinking so: In blind taste tests conducted across the U.S. in late 2007, three out of four consumers preferred Primo over the leading spring water and four out of five preferred Primo over tap water (via).

Primo drinking water adds a special blend of minerals to their water. Not only does the mineral blend make the water taste great, it helps hydrate, replenish and cleanse your body. It's also chlorine-free and fluoride-free.

But what really sets Primo Water apart from the other brands, and what made me want to write this review, is that they are both concerned about the environment and they listen to their consumers.

How do I know that? Primo asked people what they wanted in bottled water, and then they re-designed their bottle based on what people told them.

Billy Prim, Chairman and CEO of Primo Water Corporation said, “We listened to consumer feedback about our test bottle and redesigned the shape to give shoppers the look and feel they want in a sleek, ergonomic package that fits their busy lifestyles. We reduced our package weight, cap size and label, all in response to consumer demand to keep our packaging as environmentally-friendly as possible.”

So now Primo's bottles are "home-grown." What does that mean? Rather than making their bottles from crude oil, the plastic comes from plants! That's right, it's a truly green bottle, made from corn.

“Primo water bottles made from plants give consumers an easy way to avoid using packaging made from depleting natural oil resources, which helps reduce our reliance on foreign oil,” said Dave Burke, President and COO of Primo To Go. “Choosing a non-oil based bottle like Primo is a simple way for Americans to make a small change in their lifestyle, but a big difference for the environment.”

How do they do that?! You can watch videos on Youtube to see exactly how plants become plastic bottles here, using 65% less energy and creating 80-90% less greenhouse gases than making bottles from crude oil:

This summer, you can find Primo Water in Target, Albertson's and Publix, as well as Kroger and Kroger owned stores nationwide. Check it out!

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