Monday, February 23, 2009

Announcing our Contest Winners!

We have THREE contest winnners to announce, and I know you're all just chomping at the bit to see who won that iPod Touch, so I'll get started right away with our winning announcements.

First off--

The Disney Oliver & Company DVD winner!

All of our winners, by the way, were chosen by the Random Integer Generator.

Valerie2350, who follows the blog and subscribes and tweets and just makes a nuisance of herself, I honestly can't get away from this woman (just kidding, Valerie! I'm SO glad you're a fan!) is the winner of the Oliver & Company DVD, that special 20th Anniversary Edition! She won with comment number 29, although she had comments all around that one, because she really wanted to win and she is a really loyal fan of Cool Moms Rule!

Congratulations to the loyal Valerie!

Next, we have our Giftybox winner, who is also just so lucky because goodness knows I'd love one of those too! They're so romantic and unique, like 2 gifts in one!

Okay, without further ado, the winner is....

sbarnesmom04, who just blogged and tweeted her way to the winners' circle with numerous entries, as well.

Way to go, sbarnesmomo4!

Do you see how advantageous it is to subscribe, and follow the blog, all of you? Do you? Good!

Okay, here it is now, the big one, the contest to end all contests, the one you have all been waiting for--

Only, of course, we aren't ending all contests, because we have LOTS more coming! So don't despair on that end--

But really, this prize is just amazing--I'm so envious! I mean, you thought my eyes were green before this giveaway, you should really see them now, I am just teeming with jealousy folks.

That's right, I'm talking about....

The Norton and BlogHer iPod Touch winner!

We had 165 (wow!) comments from you all, giving us your take on the Norton Online Family software.

Thanks so much for the invaluable feedback, I know they are really happy to get it.

AND, of course, there is that extra little matter: all of you who commented were entered into our giveaway to win the iPod Touch!

And now, our winner!

Again chosen by Random Integer Generator, the winning comment was number 51:

Insignificon said...

My kids are still quite young, so I keep tabs on them currently by always being in the room when the one who is capable of using the computer is on the net. I'll definitely something like this when they get bigger. For now, Mama's eyeballs are keeping things safe.
February 10, 2009 12:11 PM

Congratulations, Insignificon!

I've already emailed you, and our two other winners, to let you all know, and I'm just waiting for your reply now.

Okay, folks, that's it for THOSE contests--but don't worry, we have one coming up FRIDAY, there's just no rest for the wicked, is there? ; )

And then, of course, as always, more to follow.



Insignificon said...

Oh, dear. My comment had a typo. Sigh. I emailed you back. Thanks so much!

Sweepstakes Finder said...

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Good luck to everybody who enters the contests!

valerie2350 said...

WooHoo!!! I get a prize for being a loyal nuissance!!! :)

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