Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Good News on Tax Day (Winners!)

April 15th isn't always the cheeriest of days for Americans, is it?

Hi, everybody. I'm back from our Spring Break vacation, and we just did our taxes, too, so I know what you are all going through if, like us, you waited until the last minute to do them.

By the way, if you did wait until Tax Day, I HIGHLY recommend going with and filing online. It costs $9.95 to file electronically (cheaper than Turbo Tax, which we have also used, and is another good way to go), but they guide you through the entire process, you can sometimes input your info directly from your banks or place of employment (and they have all that info next year if you go with them again), and you get a receipt acknowledging the IRS has received your return and accepted it as complete.

I really appreciate that last feature, especially after one year, we owed some taxes, like a lot of people do. We wrote a check and mailed out our return in plenty of time, only to discover the next time we opened the checkbook that the Engineer had forgotten to put the check in the envelope. Yes, really. We had to scramble to get a second shipment out to the IRS *pronto*. I was feeling like we were Al Capone and the Feds were after us.

So, you know, if you're suffering some Tax Day angst, I'm right there with you.


Enough tax talk. Ready for some good news?

We have all of our recent contest winners to announce!

Cross your fingers, everybody, maybe you're on this list.

As always, winners were chosen using the Random Integer Generator.

First, our FOUR winners of Quantum of Solace, the latest Bond flick on DVD, courtesy of Hollywood Video, Movie Gallery and the new Powerplay program:

The winning numbers were 4, 11, 21 and 27, and those comments were made by:

cdziuba, who said: "I am not the big one in the house for video renting, but I can see how Powerplay would be HUGE to my husband and son. Some months we're away or too busy outdoors to watch videos, I like the rollover feature." (4)

sara and alex had this to say: "i like you can choose different levels of points that fit your lifestyle." (11)

jeff and mandee won with their additional entry for subscribing to our feed (21).

And, finally, wendy observed that: "This would be better if you could order it online for pickup or mail to you for extra netflix with a twist!" (27)

Next up was our contest for the five pairs of new Colorwashed Khaki capris courtesy of Lee:

The winning numbers, chosen randomly, were 16, 18, 20, 32, and 43.

And those winners were:

carolyng and 3boyzmom, and samanthap, who all won with their additional entries for subscribing to our feed--see how that pays off? (16, 18, 32).

Kristinia-loving heart mommy, who said, "I love the new colors, if I was to win I'd win for my Mom since Lee doesn't yet cater much to my size.. I'm really skinny.. (size 0-1). I know my Mom would love the sunlight yellow or the white!" (20)

And our last winner for the Colorwashed Khaki capris was zsmith, who commented that, "I think new offering from Lee is awesome. I have always love Lee because the fit so well. I would love to own a pair of Lee's Colorwashed Khakis in Coco!" (43)

And the third and last giveaway (for now, but of course I have more coming up very soon--in fact, for my birthday, which is this Saturday) was for the Friends Forever Doll.

The lucky winning comment was number 33, by a commenter who preferred to remain Anonymous but who (yay!) remembered to leave that all-important email address so they could be contacted.

The anonymous commenter said, simply, "Aren't these dolls wonderful!"

Congratulations to all our winners!

I'll be contacting everyone by email (hope you remembered, too, to leave that info with your comment) to get your details for the prizes.

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