Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Obama Proposes "Mom Tax" at G20

President Obama unveiled plans for a new tariff on parents who choose to stay at home to raise their children in lieu of joining the workplace this morning in London, as he fended questions from the press beside prime minister Gordon Brown for a pre-G20 conference.

The proposed legislation, which has been dubbed the "Mom tax" by members of the press, was announced today during the press conference.

The announced "Mom tax", following so closely on the heels of the dramatic increase in the existing tobacco tax (from approximately .39 a carton to a whopping $1.01), met with conflicting reactions, as critics claimed it would, "penalize those with traditional family values by requiring them to pay, on average, an increase of 3% of their total net income in higher taxes each year." Others touted the plan, citing the ability of parents to claim children as dependents on their income taxes as, "an unfair policy which discriminates against single workers," and asserted that the new tax would serve to, "level the playing field."

The President, defending the proposed legislation, had this to say, "Look, there is no question that this measure may cause the American people to reconsider some of the choices they have made when it comes to crucial areas in their lives such as childcare and employment. And that is a good thing. All of us must be willing to make sacrifices in these times of economic instability. I'm not excluding myself and my family--my wife, Michelle, for example, has made the decision, and I support her fully in this, to pick up the pitchfork once more, and expand her landscaping efforts beyond the White House vegetable garden. She will be taking on the post of head gardener, and I look forward to seeing her around the grounds wearing the familiar white coveralls, weeding, planting seeds and the like in the course of her new duties. I am optimistic that other stay-at-home mothers will follow her lead and re-enter the workplace to become valuable contributors to our society's workplace. But there is no mandate for them to do so; in fact, if they do not, if they choose to stay home, then the proposed legislation will generate renewed funds in the form of several million dollars to further stimulate the nation's economy. This is really a win-win situation for all of us."

Asked whether stay-at-home Moms were not already "valuable contributors to society," the President declined to comment.


Cindy Mironovich said...

wait! is this an April Fools joke? can't find this on any news service?

The Jacobsen Family! said...
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The Jacobsen Family! said...
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Kimberly said...

I can't find information on this either. I hope he's not serious! We can barely make ends meet because I'm a stay at home mom so our children don't have to be "latch key" kids. I quit my job because my entire paycheck would have went towards child care. What sense does that make?

I hope this is a joke too.

Viv said...

Hi, ladies! Yes, you have all been pranked on April Fool's day! Thanks so much for being good sports and playing along.

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