Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Eggo's Bake Shop Twists Review

Eggo is introducing a new product line, Bake Shop Twists, which come in two flavors, apple and strawberry. I got a chance to try them for this blog tour, and I wanted to share my thoughts with you.

The Bake Shop Twists are designed to be a fix-it-fast breakfast or snack item, something convenient that you can fix for the kids in a hurry. They come four in a box and you find them in the refrigerated section of your grocery store. They store in the freezer, and then you (or the kids) just pop one in the microwave for 25 seconds to heat it.

You do have to let the Bake Shop Twist cool down for 2 minutes after you heat it, though, and they aren't kidding about that--the filling gets REALLY hot and will burn you if you try to rush things.

Now, I like Eggo waffles, especially the Nutrigrain ones, so I was excited to try these.

But when I tasted the Bake Shop Twists, although I liked the filling, I have to say I was disappointed in them overall.

Take the apple flavor, for instance. Maybe it's because I like hot apple pies and apple strudel and the like, but these Bake Shop Twists were too soft for me. I wanted a crispier (maybe toasted?) pastry, whereas these were closer to apple donuts. Only, they weren't as good as apple donuts, in my opinion, because they didn't have cinnamon/sugar on top, so I found them too bland.

I looked at the ingredients, and they do have high-fructose corn syrup in the filling, so they aren't that much healthier than a donut would be. So, since, for the price, I could buy a half dozen donuts instead of the 4 Bake Shop Twists that come in this package, if I wanted to give the kids something sweet instead of just an apple, I would probably opt for the donuts over the apple-flavored Bake Shop Twists for our family.

And I liked the strawberry flavor even less, because it tasted like a jelly donut without powdered sugar on top, only hot, and I just have this idea that jelly donuts should be cold and sugar-covered and served with milk.

It's a shame, because, as I say, I do like the other Eggo products.

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