Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Gimme Veggies!"

I know, you have never, ever in your life heard your kids say those words, have you?

The people who bring you Hidden Valley Salad Dressings want to change that.

Understanding what a challenge it can be to interest your children in healthy greens and veggies, they've put together a free online game that your little ones can play with you. Since a recent study indicated that 60 percent of parents play computer games with their kids, the makers of Hidden Valley Salad Dressings hope Veggie Adventures will be yet another tool Moms can use, "to expand their young children's appreciation for vegetables."

Which I think is just a brilliant plan. Once your little ones play a game all about loving vegetables, they're much more likely to think of them as "fun" instead of "blah" food. And the game is cute, and easy to master--mostly you just need a mouse, and occasionally the spacebar.

There's three levels to Veggie Adventures. The first has your little farmer growing their own vegetable garden, watering the plants (and squirting at the animals that are trying to make off with their yummy vegetables!).

Next, they have to drive the vegetable truck, making sure not to go too fast, because there's potholes and also more critters trying to cross the road. Don't worry about those animals, by the way--I sadistically tried to hit a few critters just to make sure, and your little one can't even accidentally hurt them, thank goodness. Yay, Hidden Valley folks!

Lastly, your child will dole out veggies to other kids just like them. Only, you know, animated and two-dimensional. ; )

I found this level a little more challenging, because you are basically sliding across the screen, hitting the spacebar to drop dollops of fresh veggies to the kids, who come up and hold out their plates. Sometimes I would drop a veggie in the wrong spot because I wanted to be over there <>. Even so, I filled up a lot of tummies with delicious veggies, so I feel good about that.

Those kids on the computer have probably had more veggies than my own kids lately. *sigh*

I think your kids will enjoy Veggie Adventures--keep in mind, this is a game for very young children, pre-school age and maybe early elementary school kids (who will still probably play it better than I did).

One nice feature to make your kids feel proud of their achievements: after each level, they can print up a certificate showing just how great they are with all those vegetables.

I'm a proud member of Mom Central and this Hidden Valley blog tour.

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