Monday, March 30, 2009

Kids and Cell Phones

Kids and cell phones can be a scary mix. Wondering how to keep those bills down? Here's a few tips I came up with after spending some time checking out the Kajeet website:

First, shop around when looking for the perfect cell phone. Often, phones are offered free along with a contract. Is that really the best deal for you?

Consider a phone with GPS or a tracking device so you always know where your kids are. These phones can be just as reasonably priced as other, more trendy models on the market.

Make sure your kids know what their phone contract consists of--especially if you have limited texting or minutes! Overages really rake up the bills.

A pay-as-you-go phone plan is great for kids who only need a cell phone for emergency use, like when soccer practice is suddenly cancelled and Mom isn't scheduled to pick them up for an hour and a half!

Finally, make sure you block those 900 numbers. This is generally a very small upfront fee (we pay, I think, $1 for this on our home phone), but the savings are considerable!

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Wren Mika Wesley said...

That is really a very informative post, thanks. I agree with you on a couple of points there, I just think of my child's phone bill as a sort of "insurance". It's important that you know your kid is safe and is not in harm's way. If I have to pay a monthly bill for that, that's ok. As long as I know my child is not in any danger and I have my peace of mind. I just got my 9-year-old son a Just5 phone recently, and I'm happy with it so far. There's a unique feature with this phone that caught my eye: a red SOS button at the back. Just one press of that button and you'll instantly know your child needs help. No amount of money can ever replace my child's safety. You can check the phone out at this website, it's really worth it:

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