Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fun Activities to Try With Your Kids today:

Little ones love holidays! Share the fun with them by explaining the real meaning behind the holiday, and then introduce to them the magical, mythical fairy creatures known as leprechauns.

Do they exist? Maybe.

Maybe a little prankster has even stopped by your house!

Here's how to tell: Are there mysterious traces of green glitter lying around? Gold coins? (often, just chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil--leprechauns don't want to give away their real treasure)? YOU MAY HAVE HAD A VISIT FROM A LEPRECHAUN!

Now Go Check your bathroom--oh no! The TOILET WATER IS GREEN!

See? That proves it! ; )

Elementary School Kids should dress in green, of course, so they don't get pinched!

Make the day extra-special with a touch of whimsy: serve Lucky Charms for breakfast, or whip up a batch of sugar cookies and sneak some in their lunch bag for a special school treat.

Consider celery and peanut butter for that afternoon snack to keep the green theme going, or serve some (surprisingly easy to make) Irish soda bread.

Teens and Tweens can help with dinner tonight, while you turn the meal into a teachable moment for the holiday.

As the kids help you fix some potatoes--referred to as "the root of all Irish food"--for tonight's meal, serve up a history lesson on the Irish Potato Famine, for a reason to give thanks over tonight's dinner.

For the main course, opt for this easy corned beef recipe over the traditional oven or crockpot version to save some time. Model healthy eating habits yourself by including a nice green salad on the side.

Reward them for all the hard work and "sacrifice" with a little non-alcoholic green beer with tonight's meal. Just offer Sprite or 7-Up with dinner (or for a healthier choice, a nice cool pitcher of lemonade).

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