Friday, May 29, 2009

A Kingdom for Each Kid

At Kidlandia your child can explore, customize and then create their own magical world in the form of gorgeously illustrated maps made just for them. The smidgen of the map to the left, as a matter of fact, is one I customized for our family.

Each customized map allows for an incredible amount of input for your child--seriously, I was so impressed with just how many family members, friends, pets, sports, favorite hobbies you could enter on Kidlandia along with your child.

It's a fun way to spend the day, thinking up all the special people and things you want to include in your map. You can name rivers, valleys, mountains, towns, is, as they say, a whole kingdom for your child. There's even a legend in each map that includes your child's name as the kingdom's leader, and you can choose whether you want King or Queen, Prince or Princess, Emporer or Empress, President or...President.

That's right. I love that it's not "First Lady"--why shouldn't a little girl dream of the day when she can be President herself?!

The Kidlandia maps, and by the way there are several that you can choose to customize, are perfect for kids' rooms and make a fantastic birthday gift for, well, any kid. And "kids" means anyone 1-100 years old, because I'm mumblety mumblety old myself, and I would love one of these!

The maps are just, as I say, lush and gorgeous and I can see them becoming a treasured legacy for your child through the years to come.

In addition to just having a superior product, really the best customizable I've seen on the market, the Kidlandia artist and founder, Brian Backus, must have a heart of gold.

Because not only does a portion of the sales for Kidlandia maps go to charity, Brian has also offered a special discount exclusively to Cool Moms Rule! readers.

Just use the code "coolmoms15" at Kidlandia to receive a 15% discount, limit two per customer!

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