Thursday, May 28, 2009

Natsume Knows What Kids (and their parents) Want

Natsume has announced their new lineup for the rest of 2009, and I just wanted to share a little about it with you because they really have settled on a list of family-friendly, kid appropriate games!

My favorite from the lineup is this game, because I just love animals:

Afrika (PS3)
Explore the wildlife of Africa in this revolutionary safari game! Players will capture lifelike images of everything from lions and zebras to giraffes and cheetahs in this breathtaking PlayStation® 3
game that features photorealistic environments and animals that move and behave exactly like their real-world counterparts. Like real-life
photographers, players will need to be careful if they want to take photos of the animals without disturbing them, and make the best use
of their equipment in order to capture that perfect shot. The photography in the game is as meticulously modeled as the animals themselves; players will need to learn to compose their photographs with the eye of a professional photographer if they want to earn top dollar. Money can be used to purchase new licensed cameras and equipment, all of which behave just like their real-world counterparts.

But there's also several new additions to the Harvest Moon game series, a fishing game, and others, all with kids in mind. You can check out the whole lineup, with a little blurb describing each of the games being offered, over at our gaming site, Fuel the Rebellion.

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