Thursday, June 25, 2009

Moonwalking. White socks. And a Solitary White Glove.

I feel so old today.

Two pop icons from my youth are gone.

Michael Jackson, 50, was officially pronounced dead of a cardiac arrest just a few minutes ago (CNN, CBS, ABC). Prior to that, TMZ had a blurb about him collapsing after a 50-gig run, but now his death has been confirmed.

Michael...well, in his last few years, in fact in the last decade, his star had become sadly tarnished. I don't know the veracity of the various reports about his behavior; I do know that I would never have let a child of mine visit Neverland or spend time alone with him personally.

For all that, his musical legacy was nothing short of legendary, and there's no denying that for many of us who grew up with his songs playing in the background at every school dance and party (will there ever be a Halloween video to top Thriller?), Michael Jackson will be remembered most fondly as that little boy from the Jackson 5 who danced along with his big brothers before striking out, spectacularly, on his own.

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