Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Happenings: Grisly Galas Made Easy, Even Last Minute!

Having a Halloween Party? Need some more inspiration? Costumes, decorations, what to serve? And now the clock is ticking away and you aren't ready and ZOMG WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO??!!

Don't panic. We've scoured the web to find these helpful hints, creepy costumes and easy recipes for you!

Quick and Easy Kids Party Solutions

Disney's Haunted Mansion is the pinnacle of Halloween attractions. But did you know that Disney has Haunted Mansion printables you can download for your own celebration? Our faves? Ghost masks and Tombstone cupcake toppers!

For those cupcakes, with older kids, try using a Red Velvet Cake recipe with white icing. When kids bite the cupcakes, they look blood-red inside.

Check out the Vampire Blood punch recipe for your party beverage. It's non-alcoholic. (You can also search through the cocktail recipes for drink containing alcohol in case the adults get together later in the evening!).

This crafty Mom has a video detailing a quick and easy (really!) pumpkin craft simply made with styrofoam, glue, a knitting needle or similar tool, and your choice of fabric. You could whip up several of these for simple Halloween decor for your party.

Quick and Easy Costumes

Coupon Sherpa has a list with 50 (yes, 50!) inexpensive costumes you can make last minute.
Some are better than others (2 Quarters taped to your chest for rapper "50 cent", for example), but the list is full of gems, like:
  • Non-sheet Ghost: Wear an old nightgown or wedding dress (white clothes for men). Sprinkle baby powder into your hair and on visible skin for a dusty look and smear brown facepaint, coco powder or mud under your eyes.
  • Pile of Laundry: The perfect costume for college students! Simply pin clothes onto an old outfit or, for a more complex costume, cut the bottom out of an old laundry basket, fill it with clothes and wear it around your waist. A hat made from a washed-out Clorox bottle adds a jaunty touch. Don't forget to toss in a few used fabric-softener sheets.
  • Cereal Killer: Attach individual-sized cereal boxes to sweats and puncture with plastic knives.
There's also a recipe for fake blood (using Karo syrup) and a how-to tutorial for realistic-looking wounds after the costume list.

What NOT to do for That Kid's Party

Read this Mom's insightful look at how Halloween's focus is shifting, and make sure you don't forget the fun! You want your Halloween celebration to be for the kids, right?

Lastly, please please PLEASE do NOT dress your nine-year-old in THIS 'costume'! Noah Cyrus really is only 9 years old. What in the world were her parents thinking?!

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