Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Epic Cheese

With Thanksgiving coming up, your mind has to be turning to delicious food, right? Now, you've probably got Turkey Day all covered, but when Christmas rolls around, you really have to consider Hickory Farms.

As part of this Mom Central blog tour, we were delighted to sample a huge gift basket from Hickory Farms (the picture on the left is not mine, but it is the same gift basket we received).

The rhino had been recently sick with a head cold (and now I am, too, so our own Thanksgiving plans are up in the air depending on how well I am tomorrow morning), and was just beginning to get his energy and appetite back, so I had the brilliant (ta-da!) idea of tempting him into eating with some of the cheeses in our Hickory Farms basket.

Great for me, since I didn't even have to cook or fix anything up--the basket comes with not only cheeses, summer sausages, mustard and crackers to put them on, but its very own wooden cheese board with a bulit-in cheese cutter. Which the Rhino and I thought was adorable.

And you know, it really surprised me, but that little board worked better than the cheese cutters we already have.

We tried out one of the 2 Vermont cheddar bars and some Edam (there was also a cheese ball), and the Rhino came out with the title of this post, declaring it, "Epic Cheese!"

Which, as he is a big cheese fan, is high praise indeed. We finished all three of the cheese bars over the course of two days, and we still have the summer sausage with sweet mustard to look forward to.

I'd never had a gift basket from Hickory Farms before, but I'm definitely going to get one again now that I've tasted them. And I like that the basket all that delicious food came in can be re-used to make up my own gift basket for family this holiday season.

You can check out all the gift baskets, as well as other tasty treats, at the Hickory Farms website.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Hickory Farms and received a Hickory Farms gift basket to facilitate my review.

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