Saturday, August 20, 2011

More pics from the San Diego zoo!

Saw this rhino on the safari expedition bus. Some season pass members were
enjoying their one-on-one time with him.
Of course, when I saw the rhino being fed, I had to take pictures of him for MY "Rhino" dude!
Rhinos are surprisingly cute, aren't they?. We had a whole toy shop of rhino toys we collected over the years for the Rhino, everything from plush beanies to educational figures. We used to have a toy rhino from the Discovery channel (I think?) with a button on the side. When you'd push the button, a scientist-type voice would give you a "fun fact" about rhinos, "Rhinos have thick, leathery skin!" The Rhino's brother's favorite one was, of course, "Rhinos are very large--but their brains are small."
Next, we passed a baby giraffe...

But Mama said, "No photos!" and blocked our view from the bus.

Can you see those horns in the background?
That's Mama, looking out for this baby.
I took this pic of the polar bear while standing on the curb beside the exhibit, looking over the fence.
The view was better from there than from inside the exhibit.

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