Thursday, August 25, 2011

MyUbby Review: Cute, Cuddly and Customizable

Baby Rhino never went anywhere without his Blanket.

He was our little Linus. He even held his blanket the same way: at nap time, he would snuggle Blanket up to his face with one hand while diligently sucking the thumb of the other.

He fell asleep with the softness of Blanket against his cheek.

We, of course, thought this was adorable, even though we had to go to extreme lengths to wash Blanket (after the first one nearly disintegrated, we always bought at least two in the same pattern). As he grew older, we trained him out of the thumb-sucking (the pediatrician said it could lead to an overbite), and tamed his blanket habit somewhat.

The Rhino went from full-on Blanket addition to simply social Blanketing. He could go without it for hours at a time, only turning to Blanket when he was ready to sleep.

And when, one traumatic day, he left Blanket in a restaurant and they tossed it into their dumpster with the rotting remains of spoiled food, we were even able to substitute a blue and black towel for Blanket with barely any fuss over the transition at all.

So blankets have always held a soft place in my heart, especially baby blankets, even now that the Rhino barely remembers ever having had one at all.

When a friend of mine invited me to try a website specializing in custom-made baby blankets, then, I was sorely tempted, even though I technically have no babies at all in my home.

So I went and checked out (such a cute name!).

What's an Ubby?
"ubby" (made up noun) a blanket-friend that will always be by your side. Soft and warm, ubbies can also be used as a tissue, super hero cape, or sun shade. An ubby will never run away but sometimes hides. An ubby never gets mad or complains. A true companion for life.
I was immediately impressed by all the options. You can make your own Ubby completely unique, just like your baby.

You can give an Ubby as a gift to new parents, and know that you have created a personal, lasting memory for their child, one that no one else can duplicate.

Me? I designed my Ubby for my cat.

Yes, I know that means I am teetering dangerously on the edge of the Crazy Cat Lady precipice, but since the Rhino's older brother just went off to college (!) and even the Rhino is learning to drive now(!!), I am seriously dealing with Empty Nest Syndrome here, people.

And I really did fall in love with the MyUbby blankets.

At, it's easy to order just what you want. You can choose from three sizes (you're going to love this): the Ittybitty Ubby, the Original MyUbby, and the Big Ubby.

I know, aren't the names just adorable?!

I chose the Original MyUbby. Nothing like a classic, right? By the way, the IttyBitty Ubby is a good baby size; if you go with the original, as I did, it makes both a generous baby blanket and a nice little throw; and the Big Ubby would be the perfect size for an adult throw, so you don't have to have babies or cats to get your own.

On the MyUbby site, you can choose whether you want a pattern or color on one side or both, and then the fabric you want for each side. I chose one plush, fluffy side and one fleece side (I tried to choose options in different price ranges, to really get a sense of the offerings). My colors were simple: black on one side and white on the other, as my sweet girl kitty is black (Cheddar, our big orange Maine Coon, already has a cat bed he prefers to sleep in).

Then, I chose the edging, which I was just going to have be a simple serge stitch (since this MyUbby is just for my cat, after all), but my friend told me that satin was definitely the way to go with my other choices, so I upgraded to a white satin trim.

And then, as the final indulgence, in white script on the black side of the blanket, I put my cat's name, Fancy.

Of course, if you were getting this as a gift for new parents, you could put the name and the birthdate on your customized MyUbby to make it uniquely theirs. Or you could have one made for your own baby as a lasting, personalized gift that will stand the test of time (I wish the Rhino's original blanket had been as well-made as the Original MyUbby. It's very luxurious, soft and cuddly, and definitely more durable than one of those themed baby "blankets" that come in packs in the stores, which are so thin and pill after just a few washings).

It didn't take long for my blanket to come, and I'm really happy with how my own Original MyUbby turned out.

Plus, my cat really likes it!

Viv's take: I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the website and the Original MyUbby to friends and family after my own personal experience. The customization and ordering process was effortless, I received MyUbby in a timely manner, and the quality of the blanket is top-notch. I feel confident that either of the other sizes would be just as well-made. The various customization options for size, color, fabric, trim and personalization ensure that you can find an Ubby that fits your budget, too.


I received a complementary original MyUbby, made to my specifications, for the purposes of this review.

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