Friday, September 25, 2009


"Gwen's father walked out on the family. Her mother lost her job.

As the little kiddies learn to read about this doll as if she's a human being, one learns that, as fall turned into winter, Gwen's mom lost her grip.

Mother and daughter started bedding down in a car.

For $95 -- more than your average homeless person would dream of spending on a rather mediocre baby substitute -- Gwen Thompson can be yours. A mixed message if ever there was one. "

I think this is very biased--though I do think it's ironic that a girl whose storyline includes homelessness retails for a whopping $95, why shouldn't our kids be learning about the reality of broken homes and homelessness?

I also wish they had an American Girl doll with a Mother/Father in the military. Anyone know if that's out there?

She's having two babies, but they aren't identical twins. They aren't even fraternal twins.

One of the babies was conceived 2 1/2 weeks after the first!

Very rare, this is known as superfetation.

Hey, I won a game on Twitter!

We've got a winner for our Dame Dilemma! "At a crowded event I feel someone pinch my butt. What's a Dame to Do?!" Stay tuned for next tweet

Our winner @CoolMomsRule ....please DM us your mailng info. Congratulations!

@CoolMomsRule "I'd embarrass the pincher by loudly demanding, "Get your hands off my butt!" since I can't blow him away w/an AK47 IRL ; )"

I won a copy of What's A Dame to Do? from GamesForDames!

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Joanna said...

Homeless American Girl?? What's next, Baby's Momma American Girl?

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