Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Th-th-that's All, Folks!

Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Safeway are partnering to bring your kids' favorite Looney Tunes characters to their new "better-for-you" food and beverage line, Eating Right Kids.

That means healthier choices for snacks and meals that, with characters like Bugs Bunny and Tweety Bird on the packaging, your kids will actually want to try!

I know that when my kids were little, they always wanted that cereal that had the most "fun" looking box. They'd see some character in the store that they recognized from watching cartoons, and immediately it was more appealing.

So I like knowing that there are healthier choices out there that take advantage of this in my favor as a parent. I'm not above telling them "No" when the choice isn't healthy, of course, but it's nice not having to be the bad guy all the time!

Plus, looking for the Looney Tunes characters is an easy way to find which of, say, all the juices on the shelf for kids are actually 100% juice and contain no corn syrup.

Pictured on the left are just some of the Eating Right Kids selections, which include 60 items over 18 categories (breakfast foods, produce, portable meals, snacks, beverages and frozen entrees). You'll be seeing these items on the shelves at more than 1700 Safeways across North America (including Canada). Personally, I like the mini ravioli pasta the best!

Warner Bros. Consumers has put some extra effort into this that I like: they've actually cleared Looney Tunes products off the retail shelves if they *don't* meet this new "better-for-you" standard. This may be why the their Eating Right Kids initiative with Safeway was actually highlighted by the FTC as a measure that could have a positive impact on childhood obesity, a rising health concern for many parents.

For this TeamMom blog tour, I received a sample lunch bag with Eating Right Kids products to help me formulate my review.

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