Friday, September 25, 2009

Wha--? Where's My Comment?!

Dear Cool Moms Rule! followers,

If you've noticed your comments are not showing up as quickly, you have a stupid hate-filled comment to me to thank for it.

Yes, I had to delete a comment from the blog recently, which is something I RARELY do. Usually I reserve that only for spammers, but I had to make an exception this time. So I enabled comment moderation on the blog.

Please understand, if you criticize me, I will NOT just delete your comment! Far from it. Go ahead and tell me if I'm screwing up.


If you aren't happy with Cool Moms Rule!, I want to hear about it.

I want to know what you think, and sometimes I screw up, and I need you to call me out on the carpet for it.

Other times, well, we may have to end up agreeing to disagree.

But I will always listen.

UNLESS, as this one comment did, you simply resort to offensive name calling, and then, yes, I'm going to take the comment down.

I might, very occasionally, use an "objectionable" word on the blog, but overall this is a blog for Moms, and we don't need to see--I am not kidding--

A nasty sexist slur crudely referring to me as, to put it nicely, a part of a woman's anatomy.

This particular comment was on the review I did recently for book The Other Girl, which I admit was not a positive review.

Hey, I can't love EVERYTHING!

So, a lone comment referring to me as (rude epithet) was deleted. It didn't criticize anything specific in my review, just basically resorted to name calling.

Interestingly enough, a Twitter account in the name of one of the characters in the book then criticized the blog, which I found hilarious! Here's the tweet:

omg coolmomsrule this stupid blog just was like salivating all over lance armstrong who is super annoying!!! she is the worse!!!!3:47 AM Sep 23rd from web

Pilar Benitez-Jones

Isn't that funny? It totally works for the voice of that character, an incredibly beautifl, rather shallow privileged girl.

She (whoever the author of the Twitter account is) even made the same typo in the Tweet that The Other Girl author does, and which I criticized in my book review, using "worse" for "worst".

I got a real kick out of that. I tweeted back that I was living in fear of her 6 Twitter followers (I think she has a couple more now), but I never heard any more from her about it.

My Twitter friend, @ThingsMomsLike, and I, though, had a fun discussion about it.

We're really hoping they make me a bitchy character in the next book! Like CoolbitchMom! And then she could be my friend, ThingsMomsHate!

So, see, criticism can be fun!

But using ugly sexist name-calling in comments? Not going to happen here.

So I enabled Comment Moderation, and it will take just a little longer for your comments to show up on the blog, but otherwise it shouldn't inconvenience you all too much, okay?

Thanks for understanding, you guys!


1 comment:

Julie said...

I don't blame you one bit for enabling comment moderation .

Sounds like Pilar either needs to get a life or she has too much time on her hands

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